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GST goods and services tax - in canada this tax comes in every single thing you buy (food, groceries, haircuts), and each province has a set percentage to be paid. For example in alberta GST is 5% so say you buy something that cost 5 dollars. When you reach the cashier you will pay 5.25 (value + 5%). GST money is used for a large array of things and every item pays the same gst amount according to province tabs.

In Índia GST has the same goods and services tax name, however the idea is a bit different. Products have different amounts to be paid as gst, and they might fall under different categories such as 5/12/18/28% depending on the item.

The money from GST is used to finance lots of things such as health, education etc.
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Indian dual goods and services tax is a value added indirect tax levied on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods and services throughout India. Whereas, Canada introduced GST in the form of a multilevel VAT in 1991 on supply and services purchased in country included almost all products except certain essentials like groceries, residential rent and medical services.
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