Is there any site available which pays you to write a quotation?
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Yes. You can earn money by writing quotes. Register on and gets your author page. Use quotes donut quote maker to start writing quotes and poems or anything that can be relevant. Select a background image from thousands of image collection and post your quote. Quotes Donut will review your quote and post it officially on their platform. 

Other similar platform is typewrighter app where you can earn money just writing some, quotes, poems, blogs, shayari and even writing your own novels and stories also.
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I have tried recently they are not running any earning program. Have tried it personally? Well, I will try a typewriter I hope it works. If it does, I will definitely share my experience.
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Quotes  do not pays you a single penny. Creat your own blog if you are interested in writing quotes. Do not run behind money . Your time is much precious than money . Time can not be achieved once spent . 
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Thank you, for your reply. Yes, I did try Quote Donut and it does not pay a single penny, though the description of the site is so intimidating. Do blogs based on quotations are successful?
I have no experience of blogging.

If you are interested in blogging and writing quotes is your passion then you may try.

Take advice from seo experts.

Blogging requires an extra patience and time. .

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