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I think the sites are used to display adverts for the users who go to the site to download movies. The money is generated for every new visitor or every day opening of the site. This is a very good way to earn money since not much effort is put to it. The owners of the site only need to download interesting movies that make users to visit the site and also invite others to use the site.

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There are several ways a movie download site can generate money. However, most movie download sites are people who purchase BlueRay or DVD and rip the copies to create downloadable films that can be stored on a server for people to download. Many of these sites are being targeted and shut down for illegal or copyrighted material. You can start a download site, but if you add films from a copyrighted producer be prepared to face legal actions and have the site shut down. 

Here is how you can generate money from your download site:

  1. You can charge a one-time subscription to people. This will allow them to join your site and have free access to download all the films on your site. 
  2. You may also decide on a monthly subscription and people will pay you a reoccurring monthly fee.
  3. People use content locking as a way to earn money. Each one of your files will be locked on the site and a person must complete a survey or other action to unlock the file and download it.
  4. You can try advertising on your site. I don't think this type of site would qualify for Google Adsense but there are plenty of other advertisers out there that you can use.
  5. You can also sell advertising space on your site.
  6. Selling banner ads is yet another income generator. 
  7. You can sign up with some affiliate marketers and post promotions on your download site. When a person buys an item, you'll earn a commission. 

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