The alleged debts were corporate in nature, but the creditor never assigned the debts to the proper corporate entities. And, many of the debts were in the name of a dissolved entity. We don't believe any of these debts are valid, especially since the performance by the creditor did not occur within 1 year of the agreement, and there were no written signatures, which are required under the Illinois Statute of Frauds. There were 4 corporations involved at various times (2 corporations were since dissolved), where the debt was not assigned with signatures from one to the other, nor were there notices of the assignments, but which should have been assigned. The 5 year Statute of Limitations for these corporate debts have passed.

Finally, these corporate debts were then transferred to individual shareholders without signed contracts for the debt, or due process, and the Statute of Limitations for these debts has also passed. Can anyone provide a range of possible attorney costs to dismiss this matter, in the event it goes to court? It is our understanding that these matters are normally dismissed with proof of the last payment / statements.

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