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As major search engines especially Google is asking webmasters to provide natural posts how good is it to do an optimization for gaining traffic through search results?

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All website owners strive to optimize their blog or website so search engines can find them better If you use white-hat SEO methods this is very legal and also very ethical. However, all black-hat SEO is considered unethical and your site will suffer from these methods. Here is what you should do:

  1. Add meta tags to your title.
  2. Create short titles that are direct and to the point.
  3. Write short paragraphs in your articles to make them easier to read.
  4. Don't add external links unless they will benefit your article and what you're talking about.
  5. Try to keep the ads and promotions out of your articles. Right now many website owners will break the page up with tons of text ads. This is annoying and people are getting angry seeing them. If you want to use a text ad, then add it at the end of the content and not in the middle.
  6. Try to keep the pop-up ads out of your site. They are annoying and people don't like them.
  7. If you want people to join you, don't throw up a pop-up ad when they are reading a document. This is the worst and people will never join your site or follow you.
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Search Engine Optimization is of course an ethical practice. If you don't do SEO, how will you gain visibility on search engines and gain traffic. If you do not have traffic, how will you earn from your website. SEO is of course ethical, however, what kind of SEO you are doing is important. For instance, SEO is broadly classified as Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO is a good way to gain higher rank on search engines where as Black Hat SEO is an unethical way to manipulate search engine ranking. Some of the unethical SEO, or Black Hat SEO are: using link farm to create backlinks, using link wheel or private blog network, using wrong keywords, using bots to create automated backlinks, using social exchange to generate social signals,  using wrong meta descriptions and meta tags etc.

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