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We are on a trip to Mahabaleshwar but my little Nephew can't keep quiet. He is used to listening stories.Where can I find Bulk of stories?

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Hi, the one application which I use to tell the stories to my aunt's kids is 'The English Story: Best Short Stories for Kids'!

This application contains more than 2500+ English Short stories along with 12 different categories to choose from such as,

1) Akbar Birbal,

2) Tenali Raman,

3) Horror Stories,

4) Funny Stories,

5) Pancha Tantra,

6) Moral Stories

7) Motivational Stories

8) Arabian Nights and many more!

There are many advantages of using this application. You can not only tell stories to the kids but it can also improve English learning skills of kids too!

There is one amazing feature of this application which I want to include. If you are reading the stories in the night, then you can simply transfer the story page into the 'Night Mode'! Thus, it will not affect your eye as well as your kid's sleep!

You can simply download this application from Play Store!

Hope it will help you! :):)

Thanks and Regards,

Prashant Gandhi

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