Everybody just loves Marvel these days. I wonder  which character you guys like the most
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Spider-Man is my favourite marvel character.

He has a very flexible body, does great stunts.

He can crawl on the walls and use web like a spider.

He is powerful and has spider sense.

He is a genius and has very good presence of mind.

Most important he never give up.
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Spiderman is also one of my most favorite characters . My favourite spidy actor is Andrew Garfield . I did not quiet lime hollands Spiderman felt...pale and blank 
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the best marvel comic that I like most is Iron man because the visual effects and the theory and the concepts that are used in that movie will be one of the best to watch.
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Yes I agree iron man is amazing and Robert Downey Junior ayed the part of Iron Man and bringing it to life very beautifully 
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I just love Iron man.❤

Though i didn't liked him first beacause he had been shown as a womanizer.

But i have to admit i like his personality. His style , his hard work and the whole stuff related to him. I am in love with him ❤
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Yes . Everyone ends up loving him at the end . Robert D.Junior did amazing job at bringing the character to life
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My favorite marvel character is spiderman because the spiderman is so funny in a way of talking and not only funny the little spiderman is so talented in other ways that he won many fights against the big villains.

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I love Doctor Strange. From his sorcery magic stances to the dimensions he teleports to, these aspects intrigue me so much that I day dream and wish I could do the same. I always find the Dormammu scene funny where he keeps coming back to Dormammu after getting killed. This makes Dormammu give in to his requests.
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Loki, I like him because despite the fact that he is portrayed as a vilain, he still has some good inside of him as well. I love his humour, the way he is cynical and sneaky. 

But deep down he is a marshmallow. 
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I still remember the "help" lift scene from Thor Ragnarok . Would have certainly loved to see more scenes of him with Thor like that 
What I like Loki for is in Infinity War. When Loki told Thor, "don't worry brother this sun will shine on us again" before giving Thanos the Tessaract. At that point he was a hero. He acted like Doctor Strange because he gave up the stone knowing it was for the greater good. I don't know why they didn't bring him back.
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My most favorite has to be iron man . It's always amazing to see him in the movies , and the scenes at the end of endgame was a pure masterpiece work 
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Among all the superheroes, I like Superman the best. Even now that I am an adult, I still want to collect comic books about him, and even appreciate Superman toys.
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