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what is an An unforgettable event of your life that always cherish about?

mention the thing that make you smile or make you cry

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My most unforgettable moment in life so far was when I got married to my husband last December 15, 2015 We've been a long-time couple for 13 years already before we got hitched. Nothing compares to the feeling of walking down the aisle, surrounded by all your loved ones and meeting that one guy, my best friend at the altar, to receive the grace of God. Just felt so surreal! =)
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I believe it was the time that my boyfriend and I threw a 50th wedding anniversary party for my parents who now live in the United States. We flew to the US to give my parent's a very special wedding anniversary. We decided to do a traditional Tahitian wedding for my parents. We rented out part of a restaurant, hired a dance group, and invited their friend. It took us around 6 months to plan the event because we don't live in the US. But the day of the party was fantastic. We did a traditional Tahitian wedding and my boyfriend was the priest and I did the interpretations. The two young grandchildren were fantastic and it was beautiful. I never stopped smiling and looking at their faces and the faces of their friends. This was a fantastic day and so beautiful. People talked about this party for years afterward.
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For me the most unfortunately story in my life is my parents divorce. Despite of me being young I could feel it all the pain and all the happy moments we've been sharing as a family.Going out every weekend, photoshoots and all the luxurious life we ever had.

I just can't forget how my mother used to cry every single day thinking of the burden she's been with.Raising a family of four kids with no good job that will bring a good earning each other.Things weren't easy at  all.
All I keep telling myself is that ,everything happens with a reason and God knows the reason why all had to happen.I thank God this far i am,almost at the peak, two more years and I'll be having my own job so that I can help my family responsibities as well.

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