For a long time my grandmother was the most important person in my life and when she died I was lost but she taught me to be strong and independent. Now I have a partner who is just as important to me. Who is or was the most important person in your life?
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Sounds like you're one very strong lady. Keep doing the great work. Am sure life will find a way of rewarding you someday. 
@SireRemu I need to be strong for them because as of the moment I am the income provider and I cannot show any sign of weakness. They also treat me as a hard wall which they will rely on in times of difficult decision.
My mom happens to be the most important person in my life. She raised me with a lot of commitment on her part. She is the only person I would say loves me unconditionally.
The most important person in my life is my two children since I have them they are my reason for everything.
If anyone is looking for an answer to this question I mean why not just look at it from this perspective it is quite wise.

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Obviously my mom is the most important person in my life.She's been loyal to me and my siblings since I was a toddler when she divorced my dad. She always struggled doing all kind of hustles to bring bread to the table for us and save some extra money for our school fees.

I have met several single moms but non is compared to my mother. Only a rare kind of single moms will sacrifice to that extent for their kids. Honestly, I really don't think If I can make it without her.All am praying is that God should continue giving her life so that one day she can enjoy the fruits of my hard work.
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I am really proud of your mother. I wish god gives her all kind of happiness in life. Thanks for your answer. 
This message Is quite clear and deeply thought through I believe it is a way forward for all.
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From the age of 15, I grew up with my grandmother. Even though I needed to leave for work and move to a different country we were always in touch. When I was back in the States I would stay with her. We would sit for hours on end just talking. When she finally passed at 96, I was much older and had spent many happy years with her. I was saddened by her leaving, but I knew she was tired and needed to go. After this, I reconnected with my dad, which I was always very close to. It is a complicated story about why I was living with my grandmother. I basically had to do with sending me to the US to learn English. My mom thought that was very important to me and that she had made the right decision to do this. 

My Father passed a few years ago and this has left a major hole in my life. I do miss him so and it just seems that things aren't the same without him here. He was the one who could control my mom and keep her in place. Now that he is gone life is a mess with my mom and things are way too complicated. My boyfriend is always there and he has always been an important person in my life. He seems to make the problems seem less complicated and has a great way of looking at things. 
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Grandmother is like another mother. Hope you will cleared all your problems soon. Thanks for your answer. 
Wonderfully presented and am sure it is based on a high level of research and understanding from you as an individual.
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I miss my great-grandmother terribly. I think about her all the time. She was a tough old woman, but people couldn't help but to love her no matter what. My husband and my kids are what are important though. They get me through the tougher times in my life. They help me when I am struggling with anxiety and depression. 
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The most person in my life is God almighty I can't give that to anyone here in earth because I can't live without him and just having him I know I have all I have ever wanted.
How thrilling it is to put God first in your life and make him a vessel. But God is not a person you know. 
God is NOT a person. Are you even aware of that? Or are you just trolling? I have NEVER put God first in my life since God is NOT a person. How silly of you to make such a silly comment.
Important and ver reasonable information that should be considered when trying to understand this topic/question.
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The most important person in my life is my mum. She is the person I treasure so much here on earth. My mum has always done anything for me, she has sacrificed a lot for me. If am given an opportunity to select my mother again I will pick her. To me she is not only a heroine but a best friend. So I'll always put my mum first in anything. That's why she is the most important person.
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It's really nice to hear. I am happy that your mother is also your best friend. Thanks for your answer. 
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I have many important person in my life. But my mother is in the top list. Most important person in my life is my mother. I am living this life because of her. I am grateful to her. Next my friends, relatives and the list goes on. 
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I find this information quite useful, indeed I share your point of view and I understand you,this is quite reasonable.
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I am not going to limit my love. The people who are important in my life is my immediate family. Every member of my family has the uniqueness but they show their unconditional love. It sounds corny but I will die for them.
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You are right. For the important things that happen in our life, we do not care if we have to give our life to ourselves or anyone.
This is very useful information with accuracy,I find this information quite outstanding and relatively important
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My parents are the most important people in my life, when I reflect on the love of accepting me to be their child it melts my heart, although I like other people and they all have a special place in my heart, but my parents stands out among all.
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Parents are our first god and teacher also. Nobody replace them. We love our parents very much 
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Many people answer that the most important person is their child, their parent, their spouse or some other loved one. But the real answer is YOU! You are the most important person in your life! Most of us were raised to believe that putting ourselves first is selfish.
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Yes ofcourse.. If we are not capable, then there is a turn where people like to leave us.
Very true and adequate people should start opening there eyes and seeing things this way.
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The most important person is my life is my father mother and all of my family. I m also a most important person in my life. If i do not important in my life then you do not give importance any one , I think so.
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I would consider this true basing on the variety of options and knowledgeable points you added to this answer
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Most important person of my life is my love.

I don't why she is important for me but I can say that for my happy and long life she important for me .
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This is quite true most people at times don't see it from this point of view and now I see and understand what you are trying to say
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My husband is a very important person for me in my life. I cannot walk a step without him in my life. He loves me very much. He take care of everything. He has also supported me a lot for jobs.
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I share your point of view,infact I think we agree on this,am glad you see things this way because it is indeed the best.Obviously we have no choice not to because at the end of the day it's best for us,we have to be able to stand up for what is right.
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Every person in my life holds a special place. The one I couldn't think to live without is love of my life :-) I am blessed to be surrounded by my loved and caring ones. 

Love you all!! 
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This quite a positive mindset and perspective it will change people's way of thinking because you are quite optimistic.Basically this point of view is very very legit and understandable let's hope people can take it in the right way.
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My late grandmother she was the one who raised me up like my own mum. She taught so much lessons that I always remember. I miss her so much but I know one day we shall meet. 
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I find this information quite useful, indeed I share your point of view and I understand you,this is quite reasonable.This quite a positive mindset and perspective it will change people's way of thinking because you are quite optimistic.
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My mother is the most important person of my life. But apart from that I really love  friends of mine. They are all important. Genuinely important. I don't think I worthy them up what I should but they are important to me.
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Indeed this is true I am glad you see things from this perspective because this is quite right.This is quite a reasonable and knowledgeable answer and I think you are quite right considering the angle you are seeing the question from.
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I love my dad for so many reasons, but what stands out the most in my heart is the way he has always believed in me, supported me, guided me, and loved me unconditionally. He has always encouraged me to just be me and to not suppress who I am for anyone and that is more than I could have ever asked for in a father.
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Of course my family is the most important thing in our lifes

Any member of our family is important to us

Family is everything and without them there is no life 
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By reading this I have managed to add up on my knowledge about this topic this is very useful information about the topic.Important and ver reasonable information that should be considered when trying to understand this topic/question.
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Personally there's no one really important in my life, except for a few family members of course but I don't consider anyone really important except my self and I look forward to developing me.
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