Like me I really trust my mother since she  carried me in her womb for nine months and also raise me from my childhood until I grew up. 
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I trust my mother because she's my parent and will always wish me well no  matter what.But also my brother ,because his always there for me and if I ever need anything he can hook me up with almost anything
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I trust my dad most in my family. Because my dad did what he promised to me most of the to!e. But others usually do not do what they promised.
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I trust my father the most. He has always been the biggest support in my life. Whenever I was in trouble, he guided me through difficult times. His motivation has always inspired me to do wonderful things in life. Whenever I am wrong, he corrects me and guides me towards the right path. 
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trust is the word that you can not live without it and family is the nearest peoples in your live steel you have test them but do not mean your parents or brothers and sisters i mean other peoples that they are near to you
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that was my idea about trusting and i have been wrote for you above that comment 
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I trust most on my father not just in family but in world also. I love him. He is my hero. He sacrifice a lot to make our future better. We have screen touch mobiles which he gave us and he use a keypad phone. He is a very gentle person.
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I firstly and blindly believe my mother and second, my brother because the mother is the only one who can we trust in the whole world. mother love is the only love that never expects anything to return from us. she is the only one who sacrifices everything for us and when we say anything to her she is the only one who keeps hold among her only.
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