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With my life I trust only God who gave me the life itself he is the  creator of the world and the giver of life and the only one who I can trust completely with all my heart . He  always give me unconditional love and support when I needed them  the most.

I can not trust a man because they are not true to themselves and they also  can not keep up with what they say and what they do  they always keep on changing mentally and physically.
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Some of us don't keep friends.. not because we don't want to have and keep them in our lives,but because we weren't born yesterday.We have had onslaught of nasty experiences with friends.A friend can make you ..a friend can break you.

The honest truth is we are all human.We are not God..therefore, we can't be perfect. A good friend today may turn bad tomorrow.. This things happen and the sad truth is we have no control over it.

I have friends.. not close friends but people I can just refer to as "just friends".. I'm not an open book to them..I don't tell them my secrets.. I don't discuses my goals with them.We just talk about common things like politics,movies and the rest.

I have no friend I can trust with my life because I know that human being change.At the end of the day,if he or she leaves me in a lurch,I will just shrug it off as inevitable and move on with my life..
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I honestly have to say that I don't trust no one with my life. And that doesn't have anything to do with them, but rather with myself.
I find it hard to trust, because I've been let down many times in the past. It's just something I have to learn to get over.
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Who can you really call a friend, is it someone who will stand by you when you are down and low, or is it someone who will leave you when you need a shoulder to cry on. I have very few friends in life and by that I mean friends who are genuine, not fake friends. For me i would rather have 10 friends who will always walk with me, than have 100 friends who don't even know what my life is about, or who laugh at me when things are rough. I wouldn't entrust my life with anyone, don't get me wrong, because we are all human and sometimes the devil in us just wakes up one day and does crazy things. There is a certain extent that I would trust you, but not completely. There are those few that I can trust but not fully. Maybe 2 of my friends with certain things not everything.

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