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I buy from Facebook seller that are near my location but mine is that I visit the stores to buy from them offline. Well, I don't want to accuse only my country for this because it is everywhere, people are just fond of scamming people of their hard earned money sometimes they send products that one never requested for, some send in inferior products and others outrightly go away with all the money paid without sending anything in returns. There are so many fraudsters online parading themselves as legit sellers, so I will rather save myself the headache of pursuing one for either my money, refunds or getting exact products i requested for so i  just stick to the knowing about them online but assessing and actually paying for it offline.
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That is a good strategy as a buyer, you are right, there are lots of scammers everywhere. Even here in our country, someone become a victim of buying a fridge without looking or checking it physically, paid $500 and it arrive home, the item doesn't work at all.
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It is no doubt that Facebook if not with the highest then it among the first social medial with high participants. It is also one of the most insecured social media ever, though I understand the huddles to deal with such a large number of people in data base. This makes it more easier for hackers to tamper with many accounts and market their fraudulent businesses.

So, this makes or is the basis why buying and selling things through the Facebook is never reliable every where in the world and not only in my country. Recently, a young man's account was hacked and was used to dupe a rich man of money ranging to billion. Also of recent we heard over the news that a young man sold a non-existing stadium to someone through the social media. I don't really subscribe to selling or buying through social media entirely not only facebook.
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Yes, that is true, Facebook is an open field for every hackers, or scammers and there are tons of victims from it.
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This is a two way things especially as having to buy is concerned. There is need for many of us to always look at the experiences that we have had while buying from offline, which is the market place, and that which we experience when we pay for goods online.

The difference has always been that you will have a greater bargaining power when we are making purchases offline since we are present and can easily talk to the seller to give us a level of discount because we are buying in a particular quantity.

This is quite different from what we always experience when we do business online as we get to just to pay the stated amount with no room for bargain. Also, you get to see the product that you are buying offline and check if it fits your description while the reverse is the case when you purchase offline. So, I always prefer offline purchases most of the times.
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