Best AC Repair in Riverside, USA
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There are several things to do in this situation. First, you need to check the thermostat, replace the dirty filter, clear a clogged condensation drain, clear the compressor area and if all those methods don't work, call a technician.
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Check the filter of your AC. Most of the common problem of air-conditioner is on the filter since it absorbs dust and it is prone to block the wind of your AC. 
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when AC is not blowing air then follow these steps.

step 1: first try to clean the air conditioners.

step 2: next clean the coils when the airflow is fixed correctly or not.

step 3: next check whether any ice is building or not.

step 4:  next check the fan whether it is working properly or not.

 by following all these we can get a clear idea of where the problem is and how to solve it.
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