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Eat nutritious food rather than eating nothing during your meal. It won't affect your height as long as eating proper food with nutrition.

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Poor eating habits will affect the way a child grows. When a parent doesn't regard the food or how their child eat when they are younger, this will affect them for the rest of their lives. A child who is allowed to eat nothing but sweets, junk food, and drink soft drinks will become obsessed It is important if you have poor eating habits as a child that you should start to change these habits now before you get into your teens. A boy will normally grow until they are around 19 to 20 years old, while a girl will stop growing when they are around 16. Dieting now as a pre-teen is beneficial for your health and to promote a good dietary balance in your system so you can continue to grow when you reach your teens. If you fail to do this now, it can affect your growth and also your heart. It is best to consider what you eat at an early age so that you can reach your potential height and not have physical illnesses when you get older.
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The factors that can affect height in humans are genetic factors  and environmental factors such as diet and nutrition. A person can be tall when they have genes for height and favourable environmental conditions. As a teen which is of course a growing child, diet affects height and growth in general at the rate of 20-40% whereas genes account for the rest of the 60-80%.

Not eating proper balanced diet required for growth and repair during formative years, having deficiency of certain required nutrients for growth and development can hinder increase in height to some extent since diet and similar factors affects the rate of growth at a certain percentage. 
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As a teen, diet no longer affects your height. Currently, there are no researches that would reveal whether eating a certain kind of food would increase a person's height. However, what is crucial is that a child receives adequate nutrition before puberty. From 2 to 12 years of age, a child's diet should come with adequate protein and minerals such as calcium, vitamins A and D for them to reach their full height potential. More importantly, breastfeeding has the greatest impact not only on the cognitive but also on the physical development of infants, especially in their first year.

On the other hand, what greatly affects a person's height is mostly genetics. Experts say that 60-80% of the difference in height between individuals can be accounted to genetic factors.
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Many factors contribute to affect a teen height such as environment, birth defects,hormones level and of course the nutrition or diets.

Diets can really stunt a teen height if the proper nutrients wasn't consumed.The culprit is always lack of protein.Teens  that are mostly fed junks,soda,rice or mostly sugar are sure to have height problem.

So to remedy this problem as early as possible, a growing child should be given more of beans,meat,chicken laps, milk,peas,vegetables and fruits.

Food with low calorie content and nutrients deficit should be avoided for a growing teen.

Deficiency in calcium also contribute to stunt growth as the bone density will be affected even with deficiency in vitamin as well because of the effect on the cartilage as well.So diet should be taken seriously In ones teenage days.
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