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I think it depends on the type of skin you have. If you have greasy or combination skin I think it could do but for a dry skin I don't believe it would do too much harm. Just using any cream would not be a good idea but a cream designed for cleansing the face would be fine. If you are worried about blocked pores you could always use a toner afterwards to get rid of any excess cream left on the face.

I have a dry skin so I can use a cream cleanser without a problem and I know it will not upset my skin as long as it is not too highly perfumed. Those with a greasy skin are more prone to spots and blackheads but it doesn't mean they shouldn't moisturise their skin, they should just get a moisturiser designed for their skin type. There are plenty to suit all skin types these days, just choose one that is right for you.
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It depends on how big pores are. As an advice I get from a Derma Clinic, we should wash our face with warm water. Warm water opens our pores. We can use facial wash to clean our face and facial scrub could clean our face when we use it weekly, or once a week. A facial wash could clean our face. There are cleaning creams that could clog our pores. Actually, even the make up remover that are creams could clog our pores. The right way to do is to use warm water first, wash our face with facial wash, not soap since it could only lead to drying and then we will wash our face with cold water to close the pores. After that, we should use a toner to lessen the size of the pores. It could help to close the pores. We can apply moisturizer after that. If we are tired we use creams to clean our face but it is not always helping to clean our face alone.
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I suggest to buy natural beauty products. If you can find no paraben and animal tested free then try to used them. Most chemically beauty products is not good in a long run. If you don't want your pores to be blocked, try to clean it properly before putting cream on. Try to used light cream and not greasy or heavy one once you applied. This are tend to collect more dirt that causing your skin irritation.
To close your pores after cleansing always it with cold water. I suggest to rub ice your face before applying any cream. Cold water will close skin pores preventing dirt which will be the reason of skin breakage and pimples.
Remember to always wash your face every morning and before bedtime. Avoid using harsh chemical beauty products. They will only give your akin a temporary good effect but not in a long run.
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I really don't agree with the assertion that cleansing a body with cream blocks the sweat pores. Except if the cream is not in good conditions or doesn't tally with the skin therapy.

Before you should usea cream, you must first detect or be prescribed for. The proscription must be inline with the skin morphology such that it won't react negatively.

I noticed when I use correct or better prescribed cream I sweat normal and enjoy freshness of my skin. So, keep using such cream consecutively.

Some years back, a friend actually suffered from skin malfunction which was as a result of cream reactions blocking some if the sweat pores causing him much  much body odour until he visited a specialist who prescribed a better medication for him. So I think it does cause blocking of pores if not administered appropriately.

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