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How would you describe the modern way of playing football considering the fact that defensive style of play is becoming old-fashioned. The reason that I am asking the question is when we look at the current trend of attacking football now being a better choice than defensive, it make me wonder which one is better.
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In football, when you want more goals to be scored, it's very important to switch to attack especially down both flanks and pump the ball into the opponent box, if you have good attacking players who can position well, there is a very good chance of scoring more goals.

Playing defense is just parking the bus and it's never going to get you more goals relying on counter attacks. 
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From my understanding of what football is all about, the end game is to score goals which makes a goalless match an incomplete match. Managers who are too defensive minded are not my favorite especially Mourinho. 
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Even though some people would say that mourinho is a bad coach but to me if he is a bad coach, why is he so successful with so many trophies he's won already. 

If you have a pattern you are good at getting your players to play, let them play it and win matches for you.
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I think the only one goal that every player would want is to get the score and as long as they play according to the rule, it doesn't matter I guess.

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Correct me if am wrong, but isn't attacking the best form of pressing for a goal than defensive? This is I what think at least. I also prefer the attacking formation better than the defensive playing style, the earlier method make goals come through with a possible imminent win. But this also doesn't mean that defensive formation style is outdated or old fashioned because without defence, a disasterous loose is just waiting to happen especially if you're playing an opponent with very good attacking formation.
So overall, i think both formation styles are of most importance in football because one helps maintain a trend and stop a possible loose while the other helps advance a trend and brings forth a possible win.
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Sir. Alex Ferguson said during his time as a manager that attack wins you matches but defense wins you trophies. 

So, defense and attack which is do you think is more important?

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