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How can I print barcode labels on my inkjet or laser printers?
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On earlier times a barcode printer was needed to print a barcode. But now you can print a barcode on your PC. Just install a barcode font on your Windows or Mac. Then you can take printouts of barcodes on applications like excel, word etc. using any ordinary printer.

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You can easily print a barcode with a normal laser printer (with a full ink cartridge in full resolution) or even with portable printers, as long as they have enough ink, that is.
I have done that several times, in fact I print these every single day. I use a HP M1132 printer laserjet and several different portable printers that could print anything. All you have to do is really use that sticky paper (if you want them as tags for products, for example).

Make sure you set your normal desk printer to ful resolution before printing. As for the small printers all I do is adjust the sizing of the paper to the sizing of my tag wit the barcode, super chill, really.

Hope this helps.
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Avery is a company that makes different types of labels for personal use. You can normally buy these in any market and if you can't find them they do have other brands that you can use. Anyhow, the company has an online program that is free to use for making your own barcode labels and being able to save the design on your computer and print them out on any printer of your choice. The software is set up for a certain label that Avery sells but you can get by with another label if you choose to do so. 

  1. Visit Avery website and go to the Avery Design and Print section of the site.
  2. Choose what type of design you want to print or create. In your case, it will be barcodes. 
  3. Now add your barcodes to the program.
  4. You can test the barcodes to make sure this is what you want.
  5. You can save the design or print it directly from the site to your printer.

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