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When should the headlights be turned on while driving?which is the exact preferable time.
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From the knowledge I have on how the headlight can be used, it is used mainly when is dark and one can't see clearly what is ahead of him/her. On that condition the headlight can be used. There is really no specific time for it to be used except when is dark.
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Ypu can only headlights when its dark and when its raining but low beam it if there are cars on coming.

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Whenever you finds that other vehicles or pedestrians having difficulty to see our car we should turn on the headlights. You must also consider turning on headlights when there is too much fog or smog. Use headlights when it is raining. In case of emergencies headlight may help you in getting other driver's attention.
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During any type of storm, it is recommended that you turn your headlights on. You should also turn your headlights on when driving when the sun starts going down and it isn't completely dark on the road. Other drivers find it harder to see oncoming cars in the early morning and evening hours. However, today most new cars headlights come on automatically when you turn on the car. This is a new safety feature in cars and for the last several years all new cars have this feature built in.

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