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Top most racing,wheel stand and driving simulators are available in Australia. provides top most simulators online. Visit here to buy now on best price.Wheel Stand Pro for Thrustmaster T300RS and TX Racing Wheel ...

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Motorsport has developed into a professional international competition. However, limited research is available on the perceptual and cognitive skills of racing drivers. By means of a racing simulators, we compared the driving performance of racing driver with non-racing drivers. If the drivers are asked to dcers are tasked to drive the fastest possible  time. And both completed a choice reaction time task and a tracking task. Result from the simulator will show that faster lap times, will be higher steering activity, and a more optimal racing line from the racing driver simulator than for the non- racing drivers. Thus, the nonnon-racing drivers, gaze behavior ccorresponded to the tangent point model, whereas racing drivers will show more variable gaze behavior combined with larger head rotation while cornering. So results from the two simulators will tell task and tracking task will determine the two action.

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