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Please take a look at my channel and subscribe!! :) Help me reach 1000 users! Please let me think what you think :)!

just type in Youtube: sil olicam

please subscibe and help me reach 1000 users, thanks!

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You speak English very clearly.  I knew that Brazilians speak Portuguese and not Spanish.  I did not know that many do not speak English.  You are telling a person how to be careful if they go to certain places,  and stay safe so they can enjoy their time in your country.  This kind of info is what travelers NEED TO KNOW.  It won't be in a travel brochure.
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Thank you só much for taking the time to go there and check my vídeo and comment here! This means a lot to me thank you! I am.very glad to hear that the vídeo was helpful! If you ever want to know anything from Brazil I will be more than happy to help you! Thank you and have a great day!
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Wow your English is amazing, you speak with a slight American accent and I must tell my partner that most don't speak Spanish in Brazil because he told me that you do! An interesting video which told me things I didn't know.
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It is full of talks Only!? I expected some visuals too.
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Thank you só much for the comment :) Yes we don't speak Spanish at all in Brazil. :) thank you so much for taking the time to watch and to comment here! Really appreciate it :)

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Thank you for your opinion! Maybe in the future, I will add visuals. :) thank you once again!

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good & keep it up
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Yeah. That's a good thing to do . I will be waiting for that beautiful video.
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You are good at speaking English very clearly, keep it up and good luck to your channel.

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This was a very informative video. I think next time you should add some images and show people a few places that you'd recommend when traveling to Brazil. Keep up the good work and you'll get to understand what people are looking for in a travel and informational video. You have a great start to creating a YouTube channel. If you want to be an authority on Brazil then I would suggest being a bit more professional. This will sell people into subscribing to your channel, make you as an authority on the subject, and give you a lot of creditability. Visual aids are the best way to get people to follow you and also subscribe to your channel. I liked how you talked about Rio, but I think you could add to this with some pictures of the outlining streets, the city, and some of the problems. If you have a newspaper that gives some stories about how a tourist was killed maybe you can add a few of them. This is excellent advice and will show people the dangers of the city. I would also add safer cities and pictures of where you'd recommend a person to visit when in your country.
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Thank you so much for your opinion and incredible tips, I will keep them all in mind, really thank you! I appreciate you taking your time to watch it and comment here, thank you!

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