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I have a youtube channel but my view is so less please tell me how I increase my youtube traffic.
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interesting content especially most latest trends, most people will watch it and promote it in your social media account.

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If you have social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you should be posting and advertising your blog in there. But first, you need to have interesting content. You need to have a unique topic that everyone would like. Find some topics that a lot of people are talking about. You can use a search engine or search the most talk about topics and make a blog out of it. Also, find techniques from other Vloggers. There are people in YouTube that shares how they started and it really helps. You should be watching a lot of videos to get the pitch. You need to follow those vloggers too and leave a quality comment on their videos so that they will see you and might visits your videos one day. Everyone starts from scratch. With passion you will get there.
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thanks for giving me nice tips
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There are several ways to grow your YouTube Channel.

  1. Create a survey and ask your viewers what they want to see.
  2. Create more videos of interest that people want to watch.
  3. Advertise your content on blogs, websites, forums, and social media.
  4. You can take out some cheap ads about your channel and try and interest people in what you're doing.
  5. Join FB groups for your niche and advertise your content in the group. Give links to your channel and invite people to give you feedback about your channel. Ask them to help you improve your channel and to give you suggestions and ideas about what you can do.
  6. Learn more about video editing and how to create enticing videos that will engage your audience.
  7. Create a blog site that is in the same niche as your channel and embed your videos on your blog.
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Growing a YouTube channel entails uploading educative,entertaining and informative videos and making sure it reach a wider converge.

Try to share the link on your social media accounts, on blogs and forums. People will really visit your channel if there are aware such a channel exists. So go on persuasive promotion.

Try to be original and upload your own videos .This niche is highly competitive. So you need to buckle up to do a good job with your channel.

You can choose less popular topics and give a good account of it to attract subscribers and views.

Try to upload very interesting videos that will keep subscribers and guests coming back to view more videos.

Answer to all comments posted on the channel to show activeness.

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