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Well it is always a very good idea to keep in mind that some children only have a lot of energy and are not necessarily hyperactive. I have seen many parents medicating their kids thinking they are hyperactive when they are just normal healthy children...some parents simply do not have the patience or the time to deal with their kids. Well, if that is not your case and if you had your children evaluated by a doctor or team of health professionals and got the real diagnosis that they are indeed hyperactive then you should involve your children in guided activities, make sure they burn as much energy as possible. Keeping them motivated and focused in certain activities so they channel their energy is the best idea. Not leaving them on their own is essential.
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First, you have to know what triggers the child's hyperactivity. Is the child really hyperactive or just really very active.  Generally, you should give the child less sugar like chocolates, cakes, ice cream and candies. Give the child/children  activities that are physically tiring like basketball, swimming, running, biking, martial arts and other activities. After that, you can ask the child to do homework and other work. Assumably, the child is more calm after that.  If still the child is hyperactive, maybe you should consult a developmental pediatrician or behaviorist to learn more about them or maybe they can give some medicines for the child.
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my 4 year old daughter is hyperactive. And I tell you, as a mother, this is really very difficult. She goes to bed at midnight around 12:00. before going to sleep, she loves playing around, jumping and climbing over tables and chairs. She loves eating chocolates and chocolate flavored foods. She also like Yakult and Dutchmill.

The responsibility really comes from the parents. My husband loves playing games on his consoles and sleeps until he feels sleepy, around 12 midnight too. I love crocheting and that consumes my time. My daughter loves watching videos from my ipad. I guess, the world is changing. Parenting changes. But if you want to calm a hyperactive child, you must be conscious about the food he/she eats, the activities he/she wants and important of all, have time with him/her.

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