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They cosmetics dentistry is more expensive because they are known and for sure have agood loscense other than regular dentistry.

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Because the job performed is much more complex. For example, what should be cheaper re-doing the painting in a dented car or fixing its engine? Same thing with dentistry and cosmetic professionals. Having a cavity here and there being fixed and having your whole mouth in braces to make them look decent again is completely different. Having your teeth white and so on can also be compared to the things done by a cosmetic surgeon versus a dermatologist. Dermatologists can make your skin pretty but only the cosmetic surgeon will be able to lift your boobs. I know the comparisons are a little different but you can get my drift.
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Cosmetic dentistry also known as smile enhancement from my personal understanding is the dental process which involves making a positive change to a person's teeth and smile. This process is mainly carried out not only for correctional purposes,  but also for enhancing a person's smile and looks in general. It involves cosmetic procedures which ranges from a basic color correction, gaps closing to missing teeth replacement.
Regular dentitistry is the usual oral care check ups everyone is familiar with. It's the process which involves treatment and maintenance of dental health to balance the relationship between the teeth and oral health to the entire body.
If you draw a parallel between both dentistry procedures stated above, you'd realize that the earlier is a more sophisticated process which involves more complicated procedures. And just like every other cosmetic procedures, this one is also carried out by specialist. It's only normal for procedures like this to cost more money as it involves operations which are not as simple as the usual dental health checks.

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