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pThis is not safe in a long run, you have to eat something to sustain your body nutrients. Water alone is not helpful. Eat before its too late.

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This cannot be safe you are denying the body of the necessarily nutrients to aid in repairs and maintenance. I have heard about this water therapy diet but even experts are aganist its usage.

Losing weight should be a gradual process you didn't accumulate those pounds in 7 days so why do you think it will be healthy let alone safe to lose 16lbs in weeks let alone in 7 days.

Please dump that fix it quick diet and embrace the natural way of portion control and exercising. I'm also on a weight loss journey and I'm seeing visible changes just by portion control and exercising at least 3-4 days weekly and nothing this drastic.You are still in your teens just make a lifestyle change and eat healthily you will lose weight.
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Thank you so much for the advice
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You can still survive, you can still live even you only have water but you are depriving your body from the nutrients you will get from food. You need vitamins and minerals from food. You need protein, carbohydrates and calcium with minimal amount. This is for your internal and vital organs to function. If you are only having water, there will be a disadvantage as it could be a reason you will have lesser blood because your blood will get diluted. It could cause some complications in your blood in the long run. First, why are you having water as a source of food? Are you dieting? Water is good but too much of it means it is bad. I wonder how you can manage to move a lot or you are not moving a lot? I tried that before and it makes me weak, and it also change my appetite I don't want food for a day.
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I'm not trying to necessarily substitute water as food but I'm trying to only have water because I am over weight and trying to lose some weight and it works I just didn't know if it was safe to lose 16 pounds in a week and there is a visible difference but that kinda sounds like a lot and I didn't know if it was. I'm not exactly moving around because 1: im homeschool and dont have to go to school 2: because doing this doesn't just burn fat it also burns muscle and it burned more muscle then i thought it would and now my legs kind of burn when I'm standing and 3: even if I was fit I still would hate moving/going outside lololol. thank you!
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That is not a safe way to lose weight .Even if you hardly move around everyday, you are still alive and your body functions, you see, talk, breathe etc and your body requires energy to do that. Your body needs energy from certain foods to function and water cannot give you that. You need to try and stop that before your body develops a mechanism where you can absorb proper nutrients.

While water is excellent for detoxification, digestion, excretion, water has no calorific value. Think about it as a medium for other body fluids and nutrients to move around. The safest way to lose weight is to eat the right food in moderation and exercise regularly. Do this and prevent yourself from developing illnesses as a result of starvation.
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As must as water is essential in hydrating major organs like liver and kidney. Also as important as it is for every body circulation. You need food even much more than you need water. Because water makes the entire movement of nutrients in the body very efficient and those nutrients are generated from the food we eat. The useful part of the food is taken directly to the blood stream which determine the energy creation and other required components.

So, if you don't eat as required, trust me; you're exposing your self to gastrointestinal ulcer which hurts a lot..also yo are killing your body circulatory system and general system completely. I'll implies you to desist from such acts. Even if the food won't be much, just make sure you eat.
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At 13 what are you trying to do to yourself. Why are you not eating if i may ask, is it because of some illness or condition that doesn't permit you to eat or what? I really don't know what to make of this. I would say if your doing it for spiritual purposes, that's okay, it's allowed biblically, though am not so sure of the age, it seems a little bit too young for me.  I know fasting is acceptable in the bible for spiritual growth,  and one can do it for 7 days or more but it cannot exceed 10 days if all your taking is water. You need to be careful especially at your age, that could pose as a health risk. You can end up getting sick and being hospitalized for not eàting it's actually dangerous. If your doing it to loose weight to maintain a certain figure you need to rethink! It's not worth it.

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