What do you think should drivers do? What should be the punishment if they commit traffic violations?
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First of all they should not use their mobile, and they should not drive while they are drunk, also they should drive in the normal speed not fast as they are in a race. they are responsible for people's life so they should respect the driving rules.
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I agree with you. If they are reckless drivers, they can also affect other people's lives not only themselves. Using mobile phones is not possible in my country when driving vehicles.
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Drivers must drive safely all the time. You should be focused, have the presence of mind, and be careful of those who are defensive drivers. Must follow all the driving rules to prevent accidents and get penalized due to road violations. There are instances when we try to be careful in driving but the others drivers that surround us don't. What is important we should strictly follow the rules and regulations on driving to prevent any future troubles on the road.
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I believe that every country's local government needs to be strict in imposing its rules on the locals. If not, then we will always face traffic violations.
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They need to check their vehicles before traveling or driving them. There are times that vehicles are not well-conditioned and they need to be checked.
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ok so drivers should drive safely to prevet them from any major accident to him or other a driver should follow laws wear belt and if riding a bike then a helmet is must
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