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I tend to say what I am thinking even though it sometimes would be better to stay silent. It gets me in trouble at times. What kind of person are you?
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Depends on my mood, sometimes I become sarcastic so I avoid saying it out to prevent chaos.

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I'm a very quiet person but when it comes issues that need to be dealt with, I prefer to say my mind. Like you, I get into trouble and I always end up in an argument with my family and then we agree to disagree. Outside my family, I prefer to say what I think and walk away if it looks like it is going to be a bad argument.

I always feel this burn in my heart when I know that I was supposed to say something. Like I've betrayed myself and I find myself going back to simply put things straight. Although I determine often whether the situation requires me to be kind and if not, I do right by myself.
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I say what I think sometimes. I say what I think especially at work because I already studied what are the techniques that works on me. I already know the problems I am facing. Even at home, I say what I think. I think sharing what I know will able to give ideas to others and they might agree with me. If they disagree with me I am open to ideas and will keep that ideas in mind. I only stay silent on some things that I know but I am not sure of, like different situations or problems I don't want to get involved with. I sometimes become silent when I am hurt. I don't want to say what I think because it could only prolong the pain and I can hurt some people with what I am feeling so I better shut off and just reliever the pressure in doing things that will make me happy.
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I think I operate the two principles because I do both speaking out and keeping quiet when necessary. I speak out when I'm about to be oppressed or suppressed by other people or situation.

I don't think it makes sense to be quiet when one should speak up,if everyone should do that then the world would  be chaotic since things will be going wrong and people will all be quiet and paying blind eyes or playing dumb.

 I keep quiet on things that doesn't concern me and inconsequential, talking for just talking sake makes one come off as a very lousy person  and I don't need to be tagged as one.So I do the two according to my mood and the situation I face.
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It depends with the matter at hand. At times I might decide to remain silent if the matter doesn't hurt me so much. Also, I might remain silent because I don't want to be involved in issues. You might say something small and it might land you somewhere you never expected. But then, whenever the matter hurys e and cannot be comfortable, I tend to air out my thoughts so that I'll be at peace. The only problem with me when I air out my thoughts, am very short tempered and might end up starting an argument which will never end.

Over the past six months, I have had very hard time with the roommates I was staying because of very petty issue. I opted to remain silent for all those months and where I am at the moment, at I can say have changed. I now know how to live with people around me.
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There are times i hold back what i think and there are other times i let it all out but it depends on the mood i am in and the situation i find myself. If i am in buoyed mood and the subject of discussion on ground is intriguing for me to contribute i will do so but if it's idle talks like gossip and meaningless conversions i will keep the gates of my mouth shut and be spectating those doing the talking. But if i am not in the mood to talk and i find myself in a situation whereby somebody is trying to take advantage of my muteness, i will be forced to speak up to let the person know that because i choose to be quiet doesn't make me an idiot. I can also say what i think if i discover that those that are voiceless that can't speak for themselves are been molested verbally.
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It's really unfair to say or judge my own character by myself, I prefer people telling me the kind of person I am. But if I was forced to give an answer, I'd probably say am the quiet type who prefers to stay silent on certain or most times depending on the situation.
I've come to understand that a vast majority of people do not like being told the truth and in most cases you get hated for always being the one pointing out the facts to others. In other to stay relevant and make people feel very comfortable being theirselves around you, i think it's best to stay silent most of the time as long as being silent doesn't affect you negatively in the given situation. By exercising such, you get to learn and know more about people and their different behavioral personalities.
If the question was to be rephrased and asking about me being silent to myself or others when it has to do with me making choices that affects me in anyway, I'd rather speak up and say my mind than keep silent.

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