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We grow up wishing to live a certain kind of life and sometimes it mere fantasies,it doesn't come close to reality but to some it does? What has been yours?
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No. I am too scared of taking risks to be living the life i've always wanted.
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Yes, currently I am living the life I wanted. I am in a university like I wished in highschool, I am living in a bed sitter and I am working hard to build my career. There is a lot that I hope will happen in future too as I grow up. 
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I also feel scared sometimes but I learnt that it only makes me a loser as you won't achieve your goals. Whenever you feel scared ask yourself "what will I do if I was not afraid' and do it. Fear prevents us from achieving a lot in life. 
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I don't know what kind of life I actually wanted. I did not have a proper ambition, any specific aim. I lived as it happened to me. I have a job, a family. However, I don't know whether I have what I wanted. Perhaps, I am a rudderless boat that takes me where the wind takes.

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I am so not living the life I want just yet. Not that I'm not happy with the life I live. This is my stepping stone. I am laying a foundation and I take it one day at a time. Everyday for me is a process of learning, discovery and achievement.

I want to live a very comfortable life. I want to achieve a very great level in education, travel the world, have a beautiful family, live on an island free from toxicity and pollution, help as much poor and needy people as I can and finally make heaven.

I love a quite and tranquil life. I want to be rich but not famous, especially not for the wrong reasons. I can take the fortune and ditch the fame.
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No, not even closer. I have always wished to live a luxurious life, own my own car, have a good job and at least support my family members in some other ways. Am at 23 but non of this has come to pass. But then, they always say that life starts at 35, I am not sure how true is this. My goal right now is to achieve what I have on my plate already and then the rest can come later.

I believe in positive thoughts, hard work plus having a goal in life. Without these three then you cannot go any far. Am always trying to consult myself that am still a student but one day hopefully, I will live the kind of life that I have always admired to live.
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The distinguishing condition of plant and animal from that of inorganic matter is known as life that includes growth, reproduction and death proceeding. Or you can define it as the existence of living beings.

And that of the pursuit of living style is living according to the dictionary. Every want to live a prosperous life, everyone wish to have the life without any hurdles without any problem, and everyone know that is impossible to be at the top of the hill without climbing it without wanting the energy.
Its in human gene that we always think and wish to be at-least one step up then where he is now even though he is at the top but the wish never ends. I'm a human too so have the wishes to have what i dont have now. But i am happy with what i have and have the faith to have what i dont have today in future.
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I think we all have some fantasies or goals related to our life and sometimes it's not easier to achieve those goals and enjoy the fantasies. I don't think its easier for everyone to achieve that and needs to manage life in someway or the other.

I have dreamed of having a comfortable life and I am having a nice life but its not that comfortable as still I need to think twice to buy anything even if I require that as its not easy to make money and by having a comfortable life we can make buy decisions very easily without thinking much. Also, I feel if we work hard and try to save money then we can achieve our Goals sometime in our life, its tough but at least a legal way to get rich.
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You'll quite agree with me that when we were growing up we were very expectant of so many things in life. We talk a lot about the things we want to achieve, the kind of life we would like to have, the kind of partner we would like to spend the rest of our life with. But as time goes on, we realized that life is not a bed of roses and it's beyond just mere wishes.

And along the way we discovered that we don't really have much influence on events that are happening to our lives. In all of these, though our dreams didn't turn out to be reality as initially intended, we are still very hopeful that one day something bigger than our dreams would occur to us.

So therefore, there shouldn't be room for regret because we can't tell the secrets tomorrow holds. As for me, i will keep on keeping on no matter what by being consciously determined and purposeful in all i do and at the same time keep hope alive believing all things will fall into place once the time is right.
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Not really but that's because life takes some strange twists and turns so that we cannot always follow the path that we had planned. I thought when I retired I would travel and do all the things I hadn't had time to do when I worked but fate had other ideas and I had to take on custody of my granddaughter which has put my plans on hold for the time being.

I sometimes think that if I had my time over again I would have done things differently because when I look back I made some serious mistakes which forced me to change direction. I know we all make mistakes but some turn out to be very costly. Having said that I am not unhappy and I accept that although my life hasn't been as fruitful as I would have liked I have everything I need. When I look at the suffering in the world today I know I am a lucky person.
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Mine is realistic because I am struggling in making ends meet and always worrying on what I can give to my family on the second to the last month. I have lots of income source and I get tired. I am not liking what I am doing right now because I don't have time for rest. I became short temper in the morning for not having long rest at all. As much as I want to change my life, I need a savings first to a start a business. I am not liking what I have right now, but I am very wiling to work for my dreams and making it happen the soonest possible time. If God permit me to live for long, I will make my dreams come true and will surely become an inspirations. Some of my plans are damaged by some struggles but I will fix it and will be free from all the worries from money problems.
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I am not...yet. But I will never stop trying; I will never stop dreaming because if I do, then that becomes my failure. I have always wanted to have my own home, my own car, or to go to a fancy restaurant, and treat my friends and family with food we haven't even heard of without looking at the price of each one of them. I want to someday be able to tell myself, "Hey you've been dreaming of this for so long, now you're here. All your efforts finally paid off."

Your question somehow reminded me of one of the questions I often ask people: If you will be given a chance, would you choose to live a different life, which includes being in a different family?

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