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I need a reliable site that offers simple article writing jobs. I prefer a honest site that pays regularly and one that I won't have trouble getting a job.
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To my knowledge and belief, there are no websites that offer 'simple article writing' jobs.

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6 Answers

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I wonder why can't you try Answeree itself? Now answeree has a reward earning program which is highly paying than any site of this kind. Here you can earn big for writing simple answers. Moreover you don't need to stick to any special topic as this is a general question answer site. But if you are in any field of expertise then you can gain high reputation and thus more number of thanks from users, which in turn result in increased earnings. Good luck
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answered by LEGEND (7,160 points) 4 14 34
You can try working at content writing sites like iWriter. Most of these sites that hire freelance writers don't pay well at all. I'd highly recommend that you check into writing for blog sites that actually pay you to write posts for their site. Crack is one of the top blog sites that you can write for that will pay you $100 for an article published on the site. You have other sites that pay a lesser fee for articles written. You can always try writing for online magazines and the pay is decent if your article is published.

I'd recommend staying away from content writing sites like iWriters because the pay is low and it is difficult to find a good client or a decent job you'd like to do. You can also advertise your writing skill services on Fiverr. There are many freelance writers who go there to earn money.
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Can you show me any one individual who has really earned $100 for his article? 
replied ago by LEGEND (7,160 points) 4 14 34
On the site Cracked I know 6 people who write for them and each time one of their articles is posted they are paid $100. They are strict and it takes time to get your proposal approved and your article posted. But once you do, they pay immediately to your PP account. 
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Okay. That is very good to know,. Can you please state the nickname or the real name of at least one of those six people?
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answered by ELITE (4,993 points) 4 7 17
There are lots of article writing sites.An example of them include, Iwriter.Its not easy to earn from the site but once you have good writing skills like good language, grammar, vocabulary and creativity you'll be able to earn even upto $100 per article. Some sites related to iwriter include: (hub pages, content gather,sleek, lissversa among other sites)All these are same to iwriter.

On the contrary, there are cheap article writing sites which will give you some less income like $2-$4 per article, that's Cash4essay and you'll Instantly get your cash one your article is approved.

There's also another article writing site called articlesale .This one is a little bit different in that,you set the amount you'd love to sell your article at but the problem is that it might rake long because your article is bought.
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You can set the amount you would like or love to sell your article. But who will purchase it? I had a bitter experience with that site.
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answered ago by Patron (2,803 points) 2 3 12
There are so many article writing sites that you can work with but you have to be a good writer to have endless stream' of jobs.Remember clients will come back for your services if you're really good.

You can start with Fiverr, the biggest freelancing site, there are always article writing jobs there and add upwork to it.This is another good article writing site.

SEOclerks is another freelancing site that have reputable clients and will also need good content creators and writers. You can create account there and try them out.

Iwriter and content gather are two great sites that even newbies can work on.There are always different topics to write on.Just pass their entrance test and you can start writing for the site.
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answered ago by Patron (1,720 points) 2 5 13
There are many websites through which you can try your luck of 'article writing jobs'. I say 'you can try your luck', because, it is  not worth trying. Once you write and submit your article for those sites that offer the facility of ' article writing jobs', your article will be returned to you umpteen times asking you to make some corrections.

In the start itself, they will demand so many things and put so many restrictions that you will get disgusted and pushed to the wall. Even on sites like 'articlesale', where you can fix your rate for an article written by you, you have to wait months at a stretch to get one single article sold. It is a real bad online world.
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answered ago by (123 points) 6
To strike a Good Article writing job you should be experienced enough and need to show them your metal and that would be your past writings. I think you can try writing on forums and even On Answeree and few pay to forums have options to become an Article writer. You won't be able to earn much but you can earn around a dollar or even more by Writing simple Articles and it will help you to polish your skills and can help you be more confident in try different other websites which pays more for Articles and If you are a professional then you can go for freelancing as well and then you can earn unlimited by working for your clients. Good luck.

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