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I want to buy a new laptop battery to replace my old one but I'm wondering what would happen if I get a new battery with a higher voltage than the original.
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You must consider the maximum limit of voltage for your computer battery usage. If it is above the maximum then you risking your computer. 

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You are at risk of frying your laptop by using a battery of a higher voltage.The voltage rating may not need to  match the original battery.If you read the specifications page for your laptop it should tell you what batteries can be used. There may well be some leeway but without reading the specifications you are running the risk of rendering your laptop useless.
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There's a reason why all electronics have compatibility specifications. Am sure you're aware of that. If you fail to adhere to them, you might be risking the entire performance of your gadget.
Just like every other gadgets, be it regular electronics, mobiles phones desktop computers, etc, with certain specifications, your computer too was built with compatable parts which makes it function as suppose to. Am afraid if you replace your laptop battery or any any other part with one that is not specifically designed for that model, it becomes incompatible which might very well lead to high risk and possible damage to the entire system.

It will be wise to use parts that are compatible with the original design of your laptop on order to avoid any mishap.
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That is true as you may be putting your computer in danger. I think that getting to buy the correct specifications will pretty work fine. 
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Every electronic devices have its specifications and matching components that are used to replace any parts that got damaged one way or another. The technical experts who synced every parts of the laptop and assembled them together aren't foolish enough not to just any parts available to them and couple up the laptop system.
The issue of using a higher or lower voltage battery to replace the preexisting battery in the laptop is a very risky and unwise decision to make. Two things are involved in making use of either a lower voltage or higher voltage battery for your laptop and it's either the laptop fails to ever power up again or the battery power would fry some of the chips on the laptop motherboard which is something that can damage the laptop completely.
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Every components that makes your laptop have a specifications that they are program to work with, so the specific battery voltage attached to you laptop is as a result of calculations and  reasonable assumptions so inserting a battery with higher voltage to your computer will makes your laptop to heat up beyond normal,  the continuous heating effects will eventually burn lots of components in your laptop and may damage your laptop.
It is very important to always look for battery of the same voltage at all cost, you should be deceived that higher voltage battery will increase the life span of your laptop. Voltage deals with the power that is supplied to the laptop not it ability to hold the power for a longer time,  it is very important to note these differences.

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