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Iceland is a nice place that one can have very fun things to do.There are traditional, modern,things you can do as an individual or even with a partner. It all up to you to chose from and have a fun of a life time.

Do you love to swim then try doing that at the North Atlantic  ocean

Will you be needing a jolly ride, then a horse ride with the Icelandic horse wouldn't be a bad idea
You can go fishing in the harbour or go on a tour to get some freshly water will be fun to catch your fish yourself for some fish pepper soup.

Do you like adventure then you csn go for lava capturing on the lava tube.There are so much to do in Iceland.
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Iceland is one of my dream country. I really want to visit this place. I thought everything is Ice, but when I saw it on YouTube, everything is green. Well, the first one that I can say is if you want to see the Norther lights, you should be in Iceland. You can ride the superjeep to find the right spots. You can watch the formation of Aurora Borealis and truly this one is a phenomenon. During the formation of Ice, it is quite perfect to see the glaciers,  they call it Arcanum Glacier Tours. Iceland has 4500 miles of glaciers. There is also an Ice Climbing tour on the South of Iceland. You can also visits the Harpa. Harpa is offers different innovative landscapes. Harpa is a concert hall with glasses on the walls that glitters at night. I also recommend the Elf House. Icelanders believes in Elves that is why they build this small place for them.
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There are countless activities to explore in Iceland. Iceland is an ideal destination for anybody who wants to experience nature in its raw form.

The activities to partake in when on vacation to Iceland are nature friendly activities because Iceland filled with exotic landscapes and panoramic views.You can enjoy the glaciers, waterfalls, geysers and the vocalnoes, all for the fun of sightseeing. Or you could decide to explore the oceanic activities of Iceland like the kayaking, snorkelling,  and whale watching.
You can as well enjoy some amazing islandic activities such as the paragliding, snowmobiling, and hiking. There are many fun to catch up with that won't make you feel bored, for example whale watching, river rafting, as well as diving.

You could decide to go for the glacier riding, and not forgetting the most exciting adventure of a life time which is super jeep riding. It must interest you to know that with this special jeep you can access places that are inaccessible to other vehicles like the mountains and highlands.

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