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I would have to say if you are wise and not smart this is virtually impossible. If you are smart and not wise this is the same. The two go hand in hand and you need to be smart and understand things and how they work in order to be wise to help people out.
It almost sounds like you are going by the old saying "A wise man once said". In such a case the wise man was smart and understood the outcome and what would happen if you did this or that. That was why he was able to give the advice he did and say what he said.

Many people in history who gave advice, they gave it from experience. They learned the consequences of what could happen if something was done one way over another. Take for example. A man sees another man working on a machine. He is putting his hands in a place that is dangerous and could get him badly hurt. Another man passes by and tells him if he continues he will damage his hand or even lose his hand. This is both wise and smart and has saved the man his hand and taught him a valuable lesson in the end.
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I will rather go for the two because there are want life really wants but if I'm to choose then I will go for being wise.Even the good book acknowledges wisdom because its said for everything worth  getting we should get wisdom since it like the principal thing and I know one with wisdom hardly go astray or get into murky waters.

Wisdom is profitable to direct and a wise person can still outsmart a smart person.Wisdom is innate and a natural gift that we can also be referred to as common  sense and applying this to our daily lives can really be helpful and it will be stress free.A lot of people that were trying to be smart or play smart have seen themselves in one trouble or the other .
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By being smart, am trying to think you mean being sharp upstairs, bright or being a genius, I hence support being wise. I have seen several people with brains but when it comes to making decisions they're very pathetic. Of course you'll be known for being smart since the world we're living in at the moment require smart people who can come up with new tactics of improving on something.

Have done my research and I have realised most of those smart people have very weird social life with less friends, always indoors,they choose who to interact with, generally, their lifestyle is very boring. But then, there are those people who are smart and at the same time wise. Most of these people end up being successful in life.
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I I'll go with being wise. I think being smart comes with the knowledge of a lot of things. Some smart people are wise. They know when to apply their knowledge and what solution is best for which problem, While other smart people aren't wise. They have so much knowledge and They can't put it into use.
On the other hand. Wise people are brilliant. They have experiences, tricks and Critical understanding to the extent that they can use the smart people to their advantage. They seem to know the best things to do. It is good to be a great combination of both. It brings the most excellent results.
Looking at today's world ,you'll find out that majority of the ones in the lead are mostly the wise people whereas the smart ones work for them.
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The truth is the both are inseparable. You can't be wise without being smart and you can't be smart without being wise. For me though, I will go for the both. Wisdom, bible say is profitable to direct. If you are blessed with wisdom I don't think there would be a thing you can't resolve intuitively which will instantly make you to be seen as someone who is smart.

On the other hand, smartness is solely dependent on your level of wisdom you were endowed with by your maker. You can't be smart if you not wise. Once you are wise there is every likelihood that you must be smart because the wisdom you have will give you direction and guidance to do things in a smart ways.

Finally, wisdom is supreme to smartness because you can't be smart if you not wise. But once you are wise you must be smart. As for me I will choose to be wise so that I can also be smart.
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Smart is good, being wise is the best. I learned the meaning with my grandfather. When I was a child, he told me that he is a wise man. During that time, I think the synonym to being smart is being wise, but he said, being wise is 70 years old and being smart is me, at 9 years old. I could be street smart, books smart or being smart because I am applying the best techniques in everything that I do and I am getting the results I want. But being wise is the complete sets of all experiences in life, regardless of getting the good results or not, getting the success you want or not, but all of the learnings you have learned that you are willing to share in return. Being wise is not doing the same mistakes again because you know what happened and it happened to you again and again in your life before.

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