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I'm not believe in personality tests for following reasons: 1- When you want take a test, you prepare for it and try to get the best score and unconsciously it  happens in personality tests too. Actually reputation is much more important than the honesty for human being. There are some tricks to extract the honest answer in the test for example repetition of a question in different ways. But finding relationships between the questions isnot a difficult task. 2- Most of the personality tests are multiple choice answers what if your answer is not in the options? you must select the closest answer. So the closet answer may be far from yours because tests are managed based on the experience and statistics. Finally,  in my opinion, a general schema of human personality can be presented by these type of tests but they are unable to explain the details.
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Yes, I have tried a lot of personality test available in YouTube and I get what it means. It connects to my attitude and real personalities. I also identified something that is new and I realized it is real, I never thought that is part of my personalities. Personalities available in the Youtube will give you a question lists. You will pick the answer that closes to what you really are. A score will be equivalent to the letter as an option and you need to add those points. That points has an equivalent meaning and I realized after taking the test is that, it is real. It is really my personality. I keep on answering different personality tests. I tried changing the personality that I know is kind of weak for me and I adjusted my attitude over things. It is a realiable test for me.
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Yes and No.

Yes, a personality test is good. It  will show the behavior and attitude of a person towards a situation.  In a way, you can evaluate yourself through the personality test.  But personality test should not be the whole basis of judging a personas a whole  because I believe that personality test only show a very small portion of a person's attitude and mind.  If a very intelligent person would take this personality test, he or she can definitely manipulate this test to show what things he or she would like to show.  So this is an important factor but should not be relied on 100 percent.  A person taking s personality test should also be observed on how she or he answered the test.  His mannerism or conduct, the way he answers an interview  plus the personality testw ill reveal more than a personality test alone.
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I believe in personality test because the few times I have taken them to assess my character and attitude,it came out describing my character the way I am, same with some of my friends.

I think using the right techniq is just the best way to determined the right attitude of any one.I think people just stopped at finding out about their attitude without trying to improve on it,if it hasn't really being impressive.

  I have always loved the self- report  questionnaires type of personality because it will really help to measure one's behavioral style.

I think this is a test that should be taken by everyone from time to time,it will help one to assess one's behaviour criticalky for good.
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I believe in Personality tests too. I've given many personality tests, usually on Facebook, and almost every time I did so, I received the right personality result,, which really reflected as to who I am and who I have been. Such personality tests even gave me and others an insight as to what kind of person I am, regarding various things in my life, for instance, how friendly I am, how true I am in a friendship or relationship, how good or bad I am in anything, am I trustworthy or not, I even got to know which celebrity I resemble with, and so on and so forth. Sometimes, these personality tests, really help you a lot, and help even others in understanding you better, when you share these sort of tests online with family, friends and others.
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Yes, but it depends whether the person asked or the participant doing the right thing what the instructor ask him/her to do. The participant should properly do it accordingly to the instructions and not purposely telling the lies or disrupted his/her work just to make it sure the instructor or doctor will not get his/ her true personality. Personally, I really enjoyed taking a personality test will it be online or in person, and whenever I do it I make it sure to do it honestly and properly. It is not that I do not know myself. I really do know myself better than to anyone but It is very intriguing and yet exciting to know what will be the outcome of the test and what will it tell about me.
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It's not really a question of believing or not; there are good tests administered by qualified professionals and there's... everything else. Most internet tests fall in the latter category. Of course, you can still get something useful out of them, but don't take them to heart. Just see them as opportunities for introspection. Also, if the test has anything to do with personality disorders or other mental conditions, then you should definitely consult a professional instead of relying on them. Self-diagnosis can sometimes do more harm than good.

Incidentally, one of the most popular personality tests out there (at least on the internet and among non-specialists) is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is heavily flawed and therefore should be taken with skepticism.

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I suppose they can show certain traits but I wonder if people are completely honest when they take these tests because they want to be seen in a good light, Also I'm not sure if we always see ourselves as others see us. For instance if I answered a question about my personality that I believed to be truthful, another person might not see me that way at all.

Some of the questions you get in these tests are hard to answer and not always relevant to me so I end up guessing them or giving the nearest answer which probably makes it less accurate. I like to think I have a good personality but I know I'm not perfect and when I read the results they always come out as if I am a golden girl so I seriously doubt the results. I've only ever done online tests and usually just for fun.
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Yes i believe in personality tests.This are tests that will help you know what kind of person you are, like if you are an introvert or extrovert, it will help you know what your strengths and weaknesses are, you would know what your passion is? all this things matter in one's life. They also help you know things that you were not even aware of in your own personal life. I find them important because then you are able to run your life in the best way. You won't have to struggle to find out what you are good at, things will just flow. You will realize that there are things that you may do and struggle and there are those that you will do and will flow without putting in much effort.I think that's a good thing for everyone who is trying trying to find out who they are
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I believe in some personality tests. If they are made by psychologists they are reliable, if you do not know who made them, they are not credible.
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