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With all the chose and stress we are confronted with daily can we still think that life is beautiful?

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6 Answers

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With all the stress and challenges one faces in everyday in life,its pretty easy to turñ a blind eye at the beautiful things of life.

Life itself is full of ups and downs,twists and turns ,challenges and victories.. I guess that's the way life is and no amount of prayer or whinning can change that.

On the upside,if one can think deeply, one would appreciate life. The fact that you are alive,the fact that you are not paying for the oxygen you breathe(if you want to know how expensive oxygen is,a trip to a hospital will open your eyes),the fact that you are healthy,the fact that you are not confined to a hospital bed are reasons enough to know life is beautiful.

One just needs to focus on the positive side and not dwell on the negative side.

If you have a job,you can feed yourself, you are healthy.. Then life is surely beautiful.

I may not be as rich as bill gates..I may live in a third world nation...I may not be able to afford a life of luxury,globetrotting ..the fact that I'm not begging to feed and the fact that I'm healthy are enough reasons to appreciate life.For me,life is beautiful.. Just have it in mind that it is not everything you want in life that you will get.You can put that in your pipe and smoke it.
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Great life might not be what we paints in our head but one thing is sure we are still living a good life with all nature gift intact.
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Life is beautiful. I know so because life usually becomes what you make out of it eventually. Funny how two different people in different places can be living the same kind of life but one is happy and the other is sad. There's beauty everywhere in the mist of whatever struggle . It is just about which one you decide to see because happiness is a choice. When you count your blessings, you'd know.
There's just something about humans and life. It is like the spice that keeps us going. They say once there's life, there's hope. You'll find people with terminal illness, people living in total poverty, people living in brutality do not want to depart this earth. You'd think that they've seen enough to not be scared of death.

I think it is hope that keeps us going. To all of mankind. The rich, the poor. There's always something we wish for and desire. The hope of having those things keeps us alive. Hope that life would be better than it is.
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Life is still very beautiful,  it all depends on what you seek to desire in life.
There are people whose desire in life is to worship God and makes there life as simple as possible by been contempted with what they have,  they try as much as possible to get focused and avoid distractions that will make life unpleasant for them.
The beauty of life is mostly found in the natural things that God has given us for free without asking for anyting back,  we are blessed with abundant rainfall,  sun,  wind or breeze and different seasons Just to please our desire.
The peace and comfort the natural environment and it features grant  are just to beautiful,  no matter how sad you are, if you see quietly in front of a river and watch how it flows peacefully you will be amazed and happy with God.
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This is an interesting question, is life still beautiful, What is life, is it something you can wake up today and say i want life, then tomorrow you say you do not want life anymore? Life is a beautiful thing, we were created by God to enjoy life why wouldn't we see it as being a beautiful thing. We were all born to go through every day's troubles, streeses, frustrations, diasppointments and so many other things. This are the things that make life interesting. I cannot imagine life without this things, would we be looking forward to anything if there were no challenges? am sure the answer to that is no.There are people in hospitals who are battling with life threatening diseases, and they are fighting daily for their lives, what's the reason for them fighting if there was nothing in this life for them. Obviously there must be something beautiful in this world that they would want to come back to. So despite the many things we go through life there is always that one thing that you would want to see happen in your life one day.
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Live is beautiful depending on the following:

1) Country you live in and what it has to offer to make you happy

2) How a person is satisfied with what you have or the little things you have
3) Life can be happy for person who can take the challenges and stay resilient

4) Support you get from people around you during difficult times

5) Someone who can stay calm in times of sorrow
6) Someone who look to spirituality for inner strength

In my opinion life is definitely beautiful if a person have and do the above.
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No, life is not beautiful. It is beautiful for the normal people. Life is beautiful if you have a great body, beautiful face and if you're living in developed country. 
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