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The Concept Of Ayurvedic Medicine In Handling Heart Diseases?

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The heart is the most vital organ of the body which pumps blood to all the other organs so as to keep them functioning. The heart has to work determinedly for every living second of our life. It is no wonder then, that the heart is the organ that experiences the peak degree of deterioration in the human body. In Ayurveda, all heart ailments are mutually known as Hridaya Roga. Contingent on their doshic reason, the heart sicknesses could be Vataka Hridaya Roga, Paittika Hridaya Roga and Kaphaja Hridaya Roga. These three have somewhat different symptoms which are:-

•    Vataka Hridaya Roga is categorized by acute pains which are not localized at a specific point. This is the heart ailment instigated because of the vitiation of the vata dosha.
•    Paittika Hridaya Roga is categorized by a burning sensation in the chest cavity. This is the heart illness caused owing to the vitiation of the pitta dosha.
•    Kaphaja Hridaya Roga is categorized by mild pain in the chest, together with heaviness, nausea and coughing. This is the heart disease triggered because of the vitiation of the kapha dosha.

Virtually all types of heart diseases are prompted by the blockage of the coronary arteries, owing to which the blood supply to the heart is reduced. The key reasons for this obstruction in the blood supply could be choking of the arteries because of the wrong type of food, obesity and even mental apprehensions and tensions.

Ayurvedic notions for heart care

The most preferred Ayurvedic medicine for heart for individuals with heart complications is the Arjuna. The modes of giving this medication depend on the doshic reason of the ailment.

•    If the individual has a vata dosha-related heart ailment, then the powdered bark of the Arjuna is given mixed with pure ghee.
•    If the individual has a pitta dosha-related heart syndrome, then the powdered bark of the Arjuna is given mixed with milk.
•    If the individual has a kapha dosha-related heart ailment, then the powdered bark of the Arjuna is given mixed with pippali powder or with honey.

Healthy heart tablets prepared using Arjuna as the key element can also be given in some cases. Furthermore, there are other medications for heart care such as Hridayarnava rasa and Prabhakara vati, which are given in the form of tablets. If the individual has suffered an acute heart attack, then Mrigamadasava is found to be efficient.

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