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Im 14 yo boy and i have a sympathy, a girl same age as me, and she is like a lil bit famous(about 2000 followers on instagram) and she knows me and we were friends but we are not in so good relationship anymore... I dont see her every day and its about 6 months since i met her and im cant find any other sympathy... She changed since then 2 bf... I dont talk to people too much so I dont have any special social skills to find new one...

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At 14 years old, worrying about finding the right girl should be the least of your worries. You have much growing up to do yet. Finding the right girl to love and to spend the right of your life with just isn't going to happen at just 14 years of age. Enjoy school, be with your friends, spend time with you family. A girl will come along in the future when you are old enough.
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You are very young to worry about finding a girlfriend right now. As a teenager, your life will change so much in the next few years. It is best to enjoy it while you can Because later on life can get very complicated and you'll find yourself in all kinds of different relationships during this time. For now, hang out with your friend, go places, meet new friends, play sports, and hopefully travel if you can. Because once you're out of school, you won't have much time to enjoy all the simple things in life like now. You'll be off to college, then getting a job, and hopefully getting married and having a family. You still have plenty of time in your life right now to find the right girl to be with. If this girl has had 2 other boyfriends after you, then she isn't the right girl for you. You will meet a nice girl soon and you'd be surprised because you won't be looking for her, but she will just appear. Have fun and enjoy your life while you can.
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At the age of 14 you're really young and you need to focus on your life.I bet you're a student just shape your life first,you still have 4 more years and you can freely engage bin relationships.

Make hay while the sun shines,you're a student,focus on your school work and ensure you performe well in your academics. There's time for everything and the Bible is very clear with that.

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