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Now this is a tricky one considering the age that the hurt began, we know that when children go through traumatic experiences, they do not forget it that easy it takes a while before they can get it out of their minds. the picture lingers in their minds for longer as opposed to grownups. A child will not choose to forget and move on because they will be busy asking questions and wondering why it all happened. the best way to go about all this is choosing to make a decision in your life that, that hurt will not get the best of you and that life has better things to offer. that way you will move on.
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I never really held onto those painful childhood experiences. Although they were minor hurt done to me then, but there were more exciting fun loving memories than the pain. I guess that's why I can't seem recollect any of them
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In that situation,I think you need some help and ask for closure for the person who involve with it.
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It's not easy getting over being abused as a child in your own home. Most people don't get over it in their entire life. It takes a strong willed personality to survive such treatment as a child. 

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I can relate with this especially children from polygamous home,it can really be daunting to be born into an abusive, violent or nonchalant attitude home towards member of the family.

This is what parents don't know,the expose the young minds(kids) to all sorts of pain and because each person has a certain threshold for pain ,it could either make or mar their childhood and life's journey.

All the same life must go on,try to seek professional help from experts.

Brace up and try to live above such pains

Try to live better so that such trend wouldn't continue especially with your own kids.

You can seek closure from close friends,you can let out the pains and close that chapter of your life.

Don't forget to let your heavenly father heal you completely. Pray to him.
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Thank you for the advice. I need it badly these days. This is very helpful to me.

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