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Well, Vatican City is a theocracy ruled by the pope; leader of the Catholic Church. So the link is pretty clear there. As for the Illuminati, they were a Bavarian secret society founded in 1776 that sought to oppose the clergy and the monarchy. You would imagine the Catholic Church would vehemently oppose them, and you would be right... if they still existed, at least. The society didn't last more than a few years: the thing about secrets is that they don't like being secret for too long. Case in point, their existence had become well known to the public and the king was understandably a bit upset. Thus, all secret societies were banned, effectively killing the Illuminati. I say "effectively" because the thing was already going downhill due to all sorts of drama between members.

I do recommend everyone to do some research on the truth (the actual truth) of these matters, because they show how easily these sorts of schemes fall apart. It's not easy to keep secrets. It's not easy to manage an organization. It's not easy to dismantle regimes and infiltrate powerful institutions. And it's definitely not easy to do all these things at once and at a global scale.
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For the record, I want to state that the vatican where the catholic church is being headed and the illuminati are two very different entities as we all know and have no affiliation what so ever between them.

The vatican needs no introduction as everyone knows exactly what it stands for so as the Catholic which was an end result and legacy of Emperor Constantine following the passing of Christ.

The illuminati over recent years have largely been misunderstood and labeled with so many undeserving names which only degrades it's founding principles. The illuminati was founded in the 17th century by a professor,  Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria (largest German state) and later joined by 5 other professors. The illuminati was initially used as a body and driving force to oppose social prejudice, religious influence over public life and abuse of state power. Their aim was to put an end to injustice by controlling it and not dominating them using their words. On the recommendation and pressure of the catholic church, the then Bavarian ruler Charles Theodore through edict outlawed the illumnati, Freemason and other secret societies.

Even though theories and rumors every now and then points to recent activities executed by the illuminati, no real proof shows that they still exist as many believe the group was dissolve after being outlawed.

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