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I do believe this is a status symbol and it makes them feel good. However, there are people who actually use Twitter to advertise their business. In these cases, it is necessary to have a lot of follows they can reach. The more they have the better their chances are of people seeing what they have to offer. 
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I only know of cases where people strive to get more followers so as to make their online business to get more traffic and hence more profitable. 
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I think in some cases it's a bit of a popularity contest to see who can get the most followers, rather like facebook where people want to have thousands of friends. I'm sure there are those who have no idea who is following them, they just want to rack up numbers.
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As many have pointed out, this could have something to do either with popularity or having a large audience. Although, I do think this doesn't just dwell on having many followers alone but having more followers compared to the number of people they follow.
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More followers on Twitter means more traffic to your account and all these traffic are most of the time turned into profits. This is why the following is very important for any Twitter handle. 
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Some people wanted to become famous and having lots of followers is one of their key to see that they are really famous.

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Having lots of followers in twitter only means you are in need of those followers. It really depends on you if you want lots of followers. Those people who have lots of followers have purpose. Either they formed a group and wants lot of people to share the news, or it is a business that you want to share to the world, or an organization that give service for free or just simply a person who wants a lot of followers. Right now, I abandoned my Twitter account already because I feel that it is a waste of time to get active there because I have lots of important things to do other than that. Also, if one wants to be popular, to think that more followers on Twitter means you are very famous and all, but for me having lots of followers are only good for business.
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Having huge followers on twitter is something that people like the celebrities, politicians, business moguls, etc, leverage on to build their clouts. With the help of massive followership on twitter, they find it convenient to have more fan base which they can communicate updates of what is going in their lives.

For example, some days back Kanye West broke the news to his fans and the world that he has changed his name to Ye. And twitter was the perfect social media handle he got the information relayed to the world.

Political figures are not left out of the whole benefits twitter offer. They also make use of it to convey their intents and ambitions within the political space. The likes of Donald Trump make use of twitter frequently than the media houses to get his statements out there.

Twitter is also used by the business owners especially in advertising their new products to their customers. Twitter also serves as a perfect tool they can use in an attempt of them getting new customers.

On personal basis, people also make use of twitter to socialize with others, and use it simultaneously to know what is going on in the world.
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Yes there's a good reason and am that kind of a person who will even go to my contacts and inbox them to follow me on twitter. People are looking for followers for certain several reasons. One of such reasons could be, for celebrity purposes. The more friends you have, the most your tweets will be retweeted or acted upon and with time you can become a social media celebrity.

Also, the more twitter followers you have, the more the earnings. Twitter nowadays pay people for doing certain kind of work. For instance,there are several tasks on Microworkers that require you to have a minimum of 300 followers to handle the task. The tasks are usually high rated like 45 cents just for retweeting. Imagine you do those 10 tasks daily, you'll have $4 which you've just earned from your followers.
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Social media platforms are actually money making platforms now for people not just celebrities but even for anyone now and as such people need good numbers of followers.

I work on some earning sites that some offers needs one to help people tweet on one's twitter account for pay and some offer more money for those with more followers like BMF,Bulkcomments,microworkers and forum coins are some of the earning sites I have come across offers like this.More followers more money.

Brand influencers Also needs good amount of followers too on Twitter to be able to convince companies to hire them to be able to make good money.if one can have good number of followers then such a person stands a better chance of making good money.

Huge followers on twitter also helps bloggers get more traffic to their blogs and if  monetized it will be more money.
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I also would ask the same question, but we all have an idea of why people do stuff like that. Is there any other concrete reason why? Its for fame and status i guess that's the best reason I can come up with. Most of us want to be seen like we have everything going for us, and just how many people we can influence with our ma y friends. I am sure that they people who have so many friends on social media, they don't know most of the people who claim to be their friends. You will find someone following somebody else just so they can either make their friends jealous or make them feel like they are not social enough to make friends. For me even if I have 10 friends who are always there for me when I need someone to talk to, that's all I need. 100 friends who won't help in the long run.

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