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Hotels are pretty expensive there... AirBnb? Or maybe some other ways? I would appreciate any tips
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I recommend you to rent an apartment in Paris. There are some tips on it and all the answers you will need - I was in Paris last year and I really enjoyed my stay there. Those apartments are very nice and beautiful, you will like them for sure!

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A very cheap and inexpensive way to stay in Paris is by renting a room from a local host. These people open their homes to tourists who want to stay for a week or two. You'll rent the room in the person's home, you'll have access to the bathroom and kitchen area. Most of these types of homes will serve you breakfast and dinner and it is normally included in the price.
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You have many options when it comes to finding a place to stay in Paris. When I visit I like to stay just outside of the city in Marne La Vallee. The reason is that it is much less expensive than staying in Paris proper, but also because it is beautiful in the area. The rolling hills and open spaces are a wonderful way to relax after an action packed day in Paris. The great thing is that it is well connected to the city via a quick train ride.
If you are planning on visiting Disneyland Paris while on your trip, there is a train station right at the entrance to the park that will take you into the center of Paris is just a few minutes. In fact when I stayed there recently I found a great hotel hotel about a mile from Disneyland for about $65 a night. The hotel included a free shuttle to Disneyland, which also meant a free shuttle to the train to get into the city. I cannot recommend the area enough, its perfect.

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