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One tend to wonder this day what is the right thing to do especially with pressure mounting from all side. Will it be right to hold on to your belief or just go with the flow of what majority is doing?
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If it's something you really believe in I think you should stick to your guns and not follow the crowd but there's nothing wrong in changing your opinion about something. I've been swayed on a few occasions and questioned whether some of my beliefs are right.

When we are children and teenagers our ideas and opinions are still forming so it's easy to be influenced by peer pressure and this is quite normal. As we get older we tend to be more fixed in our views and if we believe something to be right or even wrong we should stand by those beliefs and not be afraid to have a different view to the majority. It doesn't mean we have to fall out with people over it. My sister and I have very different political beliefs and often argue over what we think is right or wrong but at the end of the day we are still sisters and respect each other's way of thinking.

If something feels right then stick with that instinct and don't be afraid to go against others but there's no shame in changing your views.
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It can be a little tough especially when you have a belief system. Sometimes we may feel like we are not bold enough to challenge our beliefs even though it can limit our thinking to the set rules of right and wrong. Beyond that, there are many things that are right and it is left for us to believe it or not.

Right will always be right and when we keep an open mind, we'll find out that there's a large sphere of right and wrong and we can only accommodate how much we understand.

Having said that, I don't think that we should just follow the crowd blindly. I believe in seeking the truth for myself. We should not be afraid to learn new things. We should try to keep an open mind and always do the right thing. I know it is a crazy world out there but with conscience comes a reminder of right and wrong.
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Am not in the know of any general norm which speaks on the right or wrongs of going along with the general public on certain actions or choosing to exercise the said actions in your own personal way. I think such decision lies with every individual. Some people find confidence and comfort in public, others do not.

Giving how sensitive this subject is, drawing a conclusion for the general populace might be a bit tricky, I'll speak on my own perspective rather.

I know for a fact that am an introvert by nature. People with my kind of personalities do not queue on the line and move along the same direction as others, we make our seperate individual lines instead. We are those type of people who find comfort in solitude. Most actions involving large amounts of people tend to break our morale, gives us the feeling of being dominated, it's almost like a phobia.

In saying so, It's only normal I decline on conforming with others and stick my own guns in almost every circumstances.
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I think I'd stick to what I believe, especially when I have good feelings about it. Although I would admit that there were many times when I chose to stay silent and let other people's opinions dictate me on what I should do.

However, I realized that not believing in myself won't take me anywhere. If ever what I believe is wrong then I'm ready to face the consequences. It's not as if I'm not open to criticisms. I consider all of these as opportunities to improve myself, and for me to do better next time. I also don't mind failing, for failures get me a step closer to getting it right. Just imagine how boring life would be if there'd be no risks and challenges, and if everyone conforms to a single belief, how then are we going to stimulate new ideas? If we are going to view challenges as how many people view it, then the same challenge becomes true for us. Human minds are capable of thinking unlimited thoughts, so why suppress it? There is nothing wrong in going against the majority and valuing your own opinion because these differences make the world far more interesting.

Point is, there will always be times when you need to choose what you believe in, and have the courage to disagree. Personally, I think I'd rather make a mistake and learn from it, and keep on trying until I'm able to do it right because it is better to regret the things I do than regret the things I didn't do.
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I stand by my words and what I believe in, I have no business with bandwagon. I always like to go solo in my decisions and beliefs but in a logical way and if it not reasonable I will go with the flow but not because of the people but because I believe it should be  the right thing to do or flow with.

I'm no humans pleaser so I will never do things to please people that's why I'm never in the same space with people and they termed it being arrogant or too proud but I don't mind for the mere fact I'm doing what is right and the right thing to do,then I'm okay with the name calling.

Pressure will always come and might even be from friends and family members, the best bet is to stick to one's gun  and know that whatever it is can be tackled or moved on with.
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There is nothing wrong with going with the flow with what is everyone's doing or having your own way and decisions. It really depends on what benefits you and what you belief in. If you are a person that will stick to your belief and you have proven that if you stick to it, you became a strong and better person, go with that. Me, I sometimes go with what the crowd is saying because in some parts, it has proven that it could benefit everyone. When it comes to life's experiences, there are some instances that I go with what I belief and I don't mind if everyone do what they want to do. My life experiences and the advises of my parents are my bullet when it comes to decisions, especially with love. I do believe that in some instances, depends on my attitude and my vision in life, what I believe matters that most.
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Both sides have consequences either positive or negative. Before you decide which side to choose, just ensure you have weighed the consequences well so that you can go ahead. But then, I always believe in one's decisions. You might find that something is really dangerous but people are still persistent and go ahead simply because of crowd. Follow your decisions especially what you know is extremely cool. There are also other situations, whereby you have your own decisions and everyone else is following the crowd, you even fail to understand whether you're right or wrong and to avoid being confused, you just have to follow the crowd so that you can feel secured even if you know you're not safe. It's just a matter of weighing the two anf follow your heart.
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Sometimes it is goodto stick to your guns, because not everyone appears to be right. Situations change in our lives, and this can be a blessing that we may not have seen coming. I always seem to analyze the situations i am in before i make any decisions, that is very important otherwise you will end up doing what everyone else is telling you to do. At times it is good to do what you believe is right for you, it doesn't matter whether people like it or not. I can use myself as an example, when i want to make a decision i look at what i want, and how it will benefit me, if it sounds and looks good for me i go with it and worry about what people think or feel later. That's just how it works, not all the time but once in a while. Brcause following the current sometimes can hurt you real bad, or it can fail you miserably. Just follow your heart when need be, it will spare you heartbreak.
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