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In my opinion, if you are bent on waiting for the perfect partner to come before you get into a relationship, then you are most likely going to remain single all your life.

There is nothing like a perfect partner. 

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It could really be tiring in trying to find a partner that possess the qualities and attributes you have in mind. We all have preferences in life depending on how individual likes. And our likes could make us to wait longer than expected because we always want the best for ourselves. Sincerely, it won't be out of place for us choose to work with this mindset because if we don't things could turn out counterproductive.

Personally, I don't see anything wrong in me enduring a long wait all in the effort of trying to get the woman of my dream. I won't because of whatsoever reasons compromise the expectations I have about getting my preferred partner. I would rather wait than hasting things up impatiently to get into relationship that won't favor me. I am very much aware of delayed gratification in waiting for whatever you desire in life. It might seem it's never going to come but when it does it going to worth the time for the long waiting.
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Preference like not smoking and eating vegetables are just some of the things that I would want for a person since I really can not breath when some one smokes a cigarette and that I am fond of eating vegetables. There was one of my admirer before, who really could not eat vegetables. It was not a big problem for me, but somehow, I could not ask him to eat vegetables.

But sometimes, being strict on your preference makes you not see the right person for you. Or in some cases, when that person fits to your preferences, then you would think he/she is the one but really not.

When having a preference is not bad, sticking to it too much is some what likely bad. Be open and enjoy being with some one. If you feel at home with that some one, then maybe he/she is that one for you.
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It is not bad to stick on your preference or ideal partner because everyone have desire and ambitions. But it become uneasy or unreasonable if one is too rigid about it. Because imperfection is a fundamental aattributes of humanity.

In light of the topic, I wish to share this short story titled "appearance" with you. There was this young lady with her dad. The both have being stating together alone, since her mom died. The father decided to remarry. They both agreed, so he brought a woman home. The daughter never liked the woman and complained about her appearance to look too flashy and promiscuous. The father adhered and decided to get a low level lady. The low level lady was accepted by the daughter and life continued. Till when the low level lady started demanding too much and eventually stole a huge sum of the father's money band ran abroad with her real husband.

In summary, nothing last forever except perseverance and contentedness. Find your desire but not to get it all in a person because perfection is only in heaven. Did I remembered to say; the madam they rejected was later there saviour?.
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My question is what are the ideal parameters for measuring the perfect partner in any kind of love and romance relationship? Personally, I don't think that there is anything like a prefect partner in relationship because human beings are not even perfect within themselves, so what makes you think or believe that they are going to be perfect when they are coming out for relationship association with someone that they never knew in their lives at all?

The conclusion of the matter is that such thing as a prefect partner doesn't exist anywhere in the world and it never existed in the past times.

What you do in relationship would be to build and mold your own partner the way you want him or her to be and call the individual your prefect partner.
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The earlier we realize we are all imperfect being the better for us.Nobody will ever be perfect for anyone.The only perfect being is God and that's the only person we should expect perfection from. If we lived to have a perfect person then where is the place of tolerance, endurance and patience in a relationship. Nothing in life is ever easy not even finding a good partner.

I think the most important thing is finding someone that we are compatible with and we can live with not looking for a perfect person . It will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. I'm not advocating that we go for anyone we see but it good to take time and choose a lesser evil, one person we can love and tolerant their excesses and not waiting for a perfect being anywhere.
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If you already have an ideal partner, what are you still searching for? I think if am not wrong,people get into relationships so that they can get an ideal partner for marriage, otherwise why are you in a relationship? When you are with that ideal partner you shouldn't be looking around for someone else so that you find that perfect person, if your still searching then you have not found what your looking for, don't call that person you are with an ideal partner because he or she is not. That is just a friend so you should stay open and say you are searching. It's like saying i have a fiancee but am looking for someone who i can take home as a wife, does that really make sense? Of course not. So my answer to your question is that don't waste someone's time when you know you will not commit your either ready or not.

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