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controlling you have a partner that telling you what to wear and what not to wear everytime you go out?
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We respect each others's views. Therefore, that did not happen so far.
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I have a mind of my own, i don't expect anyone to control me, i will accept and respect an opinion, but not being controlled that's a no no for an adult.

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I really hate it when someone controls me and tells me do this and that and don't do that. If I have a boyfriend and realise that he's being domineering, I'll definitely have to break up with you. I love doing my own things in my own way provided that am very comfortable in what am doing and it won't harm me in one way or another. There's some friends of mine who enjoy such partners saying that that is true love simply because he's so much concerned about.

There's certain things a man can tell me to and I'll definitely do and others I can never do. What I usually tell them before we start dating is that , don't try compromise me, if you're not comfortable with how I look, dress or act, you can simply go because being comfortable in a relationship is very crucial.
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Well,it depends on the partners involved because I see my partner as more of a friend than a controlling freak. Telling a partner what you like her or him to wear doesn't seem controlling to me, it more of a person showing genuine concern for a partner than anything negative.

But if it on the other hand the person is purposely being controlling then one should have a talk with the person by letting the person know that one has his or her life to live and as such let live and live.

Again, one should check his or herself too. If what one is doing is disgusting whether in one's habit or otherwise and a partner point it out for correction or adjustment then it should be taken in good fate and necessary actions taken for good and not seen as being controlled.
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Honestly, I don't think that I have any issue with my partner which will result in my partner trying to control me. One thing that I have come to realize about life is that you have to be in harmony with everybody and this entails that you should find the link where you can connect better with the person that you are in a relationship with. In every relationship, there is need for us to understand that the other person is not always perfect and doing things that will make them feel loved is the only way that we can win their hearts.

 When I notice that my partner  is trying to control me, I tend to give them the opportunity  to do this since it is the only way to show them that I love them and I believe that with time, they are going to appreciate every sacrifice that I have made to ensure that our relationship worked.
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You are sounds amazing Jerry, wish you the best with your relationship and long lasting.

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