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I called this person on Facebook and they were hot we talked and did freaky stuff and I whipped something out to her and then it ended up with me getting a video of my self popping up on my phone saying if I end the call they'll make my life living hell/garbage so I was wondering if I'm in danger if it's a prank or if I'm being paranoid 

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answered by VISIONARY (9,060 points) 5 21 51
First off let me tell you that was stupid to expose yourself on FB chat and whip something out the way you did. Second, if you want to talk from your phone when chatting online it is necessary to have a throwaway number that you can get for free. Next, you never and I repeat never give your phone number on Facebook. I know they want it, they ask for it, and they beg you for it. You can give them a throwaway number, but you never, ever give them your own phone number. Didn't you see what happened to FB and how many accounts were hacked? Now the hacker has all the personal info of all these people and nobody knows who account info they have and who they don't.
I'm not sure about this scare tactic and keeping you on the phone. This might be some sort of way they are tracking you to find out where you live. If you received this message it is best to hang up the phone, turn it off, and remove your SIMs card. This way if they were tracking you, they'd have no way to do this without your phone being live and online. There also could be some sort of hidden tracking in the video and it isn't that hard to embed these in videos. You should do a complete phone wipe and see about changing your number. Also, go to the app store and download an app for a throwaway number and start using this instead of your own phone number.
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answered by LEGEND (6,394 points) 6 14 36
You went much far ahead engaging in Facebook chats with strangers. The only persons you can trust when it comes to Facebook friends is that close friend you know personally and you've met. Most of the people in Facebook are there for their own mission and a good number of them are Illuminati recruiters. So,I won't be shocked if your life is in danger. I have a cousin of mine who accidentally joined devil worshiper through a situation exactly like yours. He met this pretty girl who looked amazing, they started with chatting, went on WhatsApp and finished by meeting face to face.
Anyway this has served you a lesson that you'll never engage in any conversation with Facebook strangers. Facebook is just a fun place to waste time by reading funny jokes and maybe posting your ads. That's all.
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Please, with your cousin, what happened when they met face to face?
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answered by VISIONARY (9,008 points) 7 17 70
I don't know how other people feel comfy with total strangers on social media because I don't get how you will whipped something for total strangers, people that you might not even know physically. Some Facebook accounts are owned by pure scammers so you have to be really careful when dealing with anyone online.

That threat might be any of the things you.have listed there a threat,a prank or it's all in.your head.If you ask me the best bet is to called their bluff and logged out it might just be empty threat to keep you at their mercy. Maybe this is like a lesson to you so that you won't tried this again. Who knows people behind those profiles might even be men and trying to make you do more of their biddings.
Please refrain from setting your self up like this

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