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I have seen many women talk about this problem of postpartum depression,  women have done stuff in their lives and their children that they did not intend to do. It is a very serious problem its actually a mental issue but can be managed and treated. I never used to take seriously until i watched an episode on tv where women were talking about it, and how it has even caused infant deaths. Have you ever experienced any woman who has been through such an ordeal?

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When I had my first child I was hospitalized for 9 weeks at the end of my pregnancy because of a low lying placenta which caused bleeding.  I got used to the life in there and felt safe knowing that if anything happened I had people on hand to help. After I had my son I had to stay in for 10 days as I had a c-section and back then they insisted we stay for that many days after surgery. I found myself getting very weepy and I dreaded the day I would have to leave and look after him myself.

When I was allowed home it was not the joyous occasion I imagined it would be. I found myself having strange thoughts. I thought I would wake up in the night, walk in my sleep and throw my baby out of the window. I know how ludicrous that sounds now but at the time it was a very real fear and I was afraid to go to sleep. I had other dark thoughts too but less serious and in the end I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with mild post partum depression probably brought on by hormonal changes and the long stay in hospital. Once I knew what was happening to me I got better and I attended a group with other mothers who had it far worse than I did. It helped to share experiences and I recovered quickly after that but I know for some it can go on for much longer and prevent bonding with their baby.
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Postpartum depression is very common, usually, it occurs in the first year. For some women the case is so serious that they need medication and for some women, the problem will gradually go away when the child begins to grow. It is believed that 1 in 8 women suffer from postpartum depression. However, many people do not pay attention to postpartum depression. Interestingly, postpartum depression can also occur in men.

Causes: It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of postpartum depression, however, it is commonly believed that hormonal changes, the new experience (you are a mother now), financial worries (you have extra mouth to feed), existing mental health issues, and loneliness.

Treatment: Generally speaking, postpartum depression will go away in few weeks, however, if it continues, you should seek professional advice. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the best treatment for postpartum depression. You are not administered any drugs but you will have to attend counseling sessions. You also need to reach support group. Healthy food and regular exercise are also very beneficial.

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I feel sad when i hear that a woman has suffered or is suffering from postpartum depression. Sometimes i ask myself why should women have to face some stuff in their lives despite the fact that they have already gone through so much with pregnancy but what can we really say, but to trust that God knows why things happen the way they do. If i had my way i would make sure that such conditions don't exist. I thank God for the fact that it can be treated and the mother can go back to their normal life.

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