What vitamin deficiency is the cause of anxiety and depression?
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Expectedly connected with bone wellbeing, vitamin D is likewise known to work on emotional well-being. Vitamin D is a characteristic mindset controller and a drawn-out period of introspection and bitterness is frequently connected with a lack of vitamin D.Its lack is additionally known to cause tension and despondency and may increment feelings of anxiety. While the best ordinary wellspring of vitamin D is light, finishing food assortments like milk, eggs, and mushrooms, is in like manner an inconceivable technique for adding vitamin D into your structure. Lack of vitamin D is a significant scourge that specialists and general wellbeing authorities are simply starting to perceive. This inadequacy has been connected to wretchedness, dementia, and mental imbalance. 
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According to recent studies, Vitamin B1 deficiency is associated with mental problems, such as anxiety and depression. This vitamin is responsible for having glucose which is considered food for the brain.
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The best vitamins for anxiety and depression treatment are vitamin B9 and B12 are both treat symptoms. Its play role in producing brain chemicals that affect mood and other brain functions.
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