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Depression is attack in the mind by the devil. When we are feeling down or problems strike the devil pull us down even more. It is spiritual in nature
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It really isn't. Depression is classified as a mental illness. You need therapy, some sort of counseling, and/or antidepressant medication to help you get back on your feet.

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We all know the major state of minds that are usually and constantly associated with depression, there are mostly sadness and any other down feelings that puts a person on a solitude mood, without the feeling of wanting to associate or being happy. If we draw from this, then we'd realize that depression can easily be spotted when it takes form in a person. And if we observe carefully, then we'd also be able to figure out the actual cause of the said person's state of depression, even though most people think the causes of depression is unknown.

Some people are natural when it comes to depression. Am talking about certain people who are more than just introverts. They are introverts to a point beyond our comprehending. These kinds of people are likely to be sociopaths or psychopaths. They were either born that way or nurtured in away that affected their humane personality, usually through trauma caused over a long period of time. With this type of people, we can simply say that depression in them is as a result of traits inherited through genes, or a medical condition inflicted from years of abuse. These types of depression are often difficult to treat, or even untreatable because it's strong that people suffering from it fail to know the difference between reality and what's not.

On the other hand, they are many normal and upright people who often slip into depression once in a while. This type of depression in my opinion is a minor state of depression. Minor because almost everyone can experience it. It is caused mostly as a result of events or situations happening around our lives which flares our emotions, a bad event will most definitely cause sadness, and if unchecked, can very well lead to depression. This type of depression can very well be treated and a person can overcome it in a very short while.
Another form of depression which can be easily spotted in a person is the state of mind induced through constant and regular use of abusive drugs. Drugs have a strong way of controlling and staring peoples emotions even when taken on prescribed dosage. When it becomes abused, it reacts by multiplying the side effects which can leave the abuser in a solitude state not far from depression. This type of depression can also be treated since its induced through the use of drugs. Rehabilitation will be the way out.

Over all, i think there are many other causes of depression and if studied carefully, the causes can be understood and a possible solution profered.
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Depression can affect anyone  at almost any age and the reason why some people grow depressed is not always known. But base on research they suspect that there are many causes of depression and it isn't always preventable. Sound scary but it is true that is why some people who suffer depression commit suicide. Depression can be causes:

*Genetics - researchers is not yet certain but having a history of parents or siblings with depression may be a risk factor.

*Brain chemistry imbalance - believed to be imbalance in the neurotransmitters which involved in mood regulation.

*poor nutrition - poor diet can contribute to depression in several ways.

*Physical health issue - the mind and the body are clearly linked. If you are experiencing physical problem you may discover changes in your mental health as well.

*drugs - drugs and alcohol can contribute to depressive disorders even some prescription drugs.

*stress - stressful life events which overwhelm a person's ability to cope, may be a cause of depression.

Grief and loss - loss of a loved one, grieving individuals experience many of the same symptoms of depression.

The world health organization estimates 5 percent of men and 9 percent of women experience depressive disorders in any given year.
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I think your submission is good but I feel depression could be circumstances ssurrounding one at a time. It is controllable and can be rehabilitated by counseling and reaching out to faith
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I agree with you @Umazhr. Depression can be controlled and most importantly, it can be spotted when it takes form on any individual, which also means that the causes can be traced to different factors.  The fact that @iamdragonfly gave several points on the subject, means that those points are the actual causes of different means of slipping into depression. And as explained above, these points can also be identified with and treated in a way that reverses the process which led to the state of depression.  Take the point on drugs for instance, an addict who goes into depression by constantly abusing drugs, can also rid themselves of depression by quiting intake through rehabilitation. The same goes for other causes of depresion.  However, I believe the only form of depression which is hardly treatable is the mental health factor which is often caused due to long time physical abuse. Most people who suffer this are mostly mentally unstable people. 
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Depression is a state where some one is sad,  down forced or not just in the normal mood as a result of different factors responsible for it.

This act can be caused by different factors for instance the people who are naturally born and in the long run either as result of accident or sickness they get deformed or disable, obviously they will become depressed because of their inability to live up to their expectations and the assault they may face from others.
Financial challenges is another challenge that can cause depression because virtually everyone who lacks financial security is mentally unstable and this trigger state of the mind that leads to sadness or discomfort.
Emotional imbalance,  in situations where people faces emotional problems like heart breaks they obviously become depressed.

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