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This depends on the organizers, and is usually provided in the details of the webinar. You may also find that some webinars are free of charge.
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There are some ads on Facebook inviting people to attend webinar seminar for free. But I think you need to pay the next  webinar if you want to continue.

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The cost to attend a webinar depends on how much the organization (that is hosting the webinar) charges. The organization hosting the webinar will (often) calculate the cost they charge by determining how much they have to spend to host it. Also, if the organizing party is having a special guest speaker(s), the speaker(s) might charge the organization for participating in the webinar. Finally, the organization hosting the webinar will often use the size of attendance to determine how much to charge. For example, if the cost of hosting the webinar is large, but they expect a large number of attendees, then each attendee won't have to pay as much to cover the expenses. However, if the organizing party incurs a lot of expenses, but they don't expect a lot of participants, unfortunately, the attendees could get stuck paying more. In short, the best way to determine the cost of a webinar is by asking the organizing party how much it will cost.
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The cost or fees one needs to pay for a webinar solely depends on the organizer or presenter and as such I think one should find out from the organizer or or the site admin if any before the starting date of the webinar to avoid any form of financial conflict.

Some webinar are outrightly free without one having to pay a dime,some are just about one buying the information given by the presenters like buying the presenter's lectures audio, video or lecture papers while others charge a fee which starts from $100 downward and the fees might also includes the resources that will be provided for the members free during the webinar.So not all webinars are same so it better one find this out first before registering to attend one.

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