codeine is Opioid medicine and used for pain relive. There are some basic question about medicine. One of them is it's side effects. what would happen if we use codeine without prescription?
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Any drug taken over time can be bad for you. If you have an injury and need to take codeine for the pain, you will need to follow the directions when taking this drug. All drugs can be habit forming if taken too long.
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I dont codeine is taken as a pain relief,  lots of people taken it don't even have any problems that will warrant them to take it some are due to peer pressure. 
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As far as am concerned, codeine is a drug used for a cough or diarrhea. It's not advisable to take any drug with the doctors prescription because there are several side effects to your health. Anyway since codeine is just a painkiller and not a dosage I don't it will cause any effect but its always good to consult the doctor before using any drug.
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No, codeine can't be said to be bad for the user if prescribed by the chemist for the purpose it is meant for. As you must know codeine is a medicinal drug that is used for cough and catarh to help relief congested nasal passage.

Codeine as a cough syrup can be helpful in the aspect of health improvement, but on the other hand, it also has its side effects inspite the fact it been used medicinally. However, it can make one to fall asleep easily as it is known to be a drowsy drug(sleep inducer). That's why you are advised to only take it before going to bed.

Surprisingly, it must interest you to know that codeine can be abused as intoxicant,i.e, to provide some sort of euphoric effects as it with hard drugs. In other words, codeine can be used as an abusive drug whereby the the main purpose it was meant to serve is being compromised.
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I'm quite surprised to know it can have a euphoric effect especially as it can be bought over the counter in the UK. I know that drug addicts use it to ease the pain of withdrawal from Heroin as it is stronger than many other pain killers.
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Using codeine without prescription is not advisable. Yes it is a pain killer, it soothes cough and catarrh but is also an addictive opioid that when taken in excess, can cause addiction as implied, schizophrenia and often times organ failure. It causes you to be in a state of euphoria. You should have a prescription before use.

Codeine is being abused in many countries. It ha's become a household problem as more youths are getting involved in the abuse of codeine. This year, my country banned the production and importation of drugs with codeine. Everyday, youths in my country are put in correctional institutions and facilities because of the harm from this drug abuse. Currently, it is an offense to be in possession of this drug.

The abuse of this drug is rampant because it is easily accessible over the counter and it is cheaper than other hard substances and drugs that stimulate similar effects.
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I'm never a fan of drug usage without a prescription from the Doctor, even a simple drug like vitamin c must be taken with doctor's prescription so as to take the due dosage for ones body type and weight. Experts have postulated that taking codeine without the doctor prescription and dosage can bring about a long list of effects which includes:



Rashes on the body

Vomiting and nausea

Constipation and dry mouth
Itching and shortness of breath etc

Why will anyone want to go through these myriad of effects than consulting a physician before gulping some down the throats.

So if need be to use codeine especially to relieve pains then a doctor advice should appropriately sorted for proper dosage.
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Codeine is a drug designed to relieve mild to moderate pain and coughing. It is most commonly abused for its calmong effects. Although, it's not as addictive as other opiate, codeine is still dangerous and habits forming. Recently, the abuse of the drug is becoming much and incessantly alarming. Some signs of codeine abuse include:;
- Drowsiness.

- Slurred speech.

- Short attention span.

- Impaired judgement.

- Dilated pupils.

- Lack of coordination.

- Apathetic behavior.

So the dangers is less potent than fellow opiates like oxycodone, the two substances share similar effects when taken in high enough doses. The side effects of codeine may present themselves as early as the first use and may become worse over time..
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Codeine is naturally an expectorant that is produced to treat cough and other caugh related infections,  no doubt there are are intoxicant added to this drug that primarily induce sleep but when taking abnormally it goes beyond sleeping because it will upset and stress  the mental state of who ever takes it , this makes the person misbehave but if taken according to doctor's prescription the highest is to sleep more than ordinary day.
Lots of youth who discovered the intoxicant nature of this drug when consume excessively are now misusing it,  simply because it is cheaper and very easy to access it in the neighborhood and it is easier to consume it unnoticed since it doesn't smell like marijuana. This already is causing serious mental depression in the life many addicts.
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I have never used codeine before. But one should not take any drug over long time. It causes side effects. Codeine is used to treat Cough, Pain and diarrhea. The observed side effects of codeine is vomiting, sweating, shortness of breath.   
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For me I do prefer and would advice you to seek medical attention and get the prescription because overuse of the OTC drugs will result to serious complications. 
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