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asked in Health+Fitness by (101 points) 2 7
codeine is Opioid medicine and used for pain relive. There are some basic question about medicine. One of them is it's side effects. what would happen if we use codeine without prescription?

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answered by LEGEND (5,763 points) 4 11 25
Any drug taken over time can be bad for you. If you have an injury and need to take codeine for the pain, you will need to follow the directions when taking this drug. All drugs can be habit forming if taken too long.
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answered by ELITE (3,389 points) 2 6 15
As far as am concerned, codeine is a drug used for a cough or diarrhea. It's not advisable to take any drug with the doctors prescription because there are several side effects to your health. Anyway since codeine is just a painkiller and not a dosage I don't it will cause any effect but its always good to consult the doctor before using any drug.

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