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Do you think sugar baby relationships is a bad idea? Have you ever been in such relationships? What are your thoughts?
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I do not see any problem as long as both like it or one is not force to be in that kind of relationship. Some says they are being bribe just to be in that relationship but I think no one should force you to be in that relationship too.
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Well it all depends on motives of the individuals involved in the relationship. I don't know about others but I feel the majority of people who go into it do so for a reason. A sugar daddy from my understanding is the man with a lot of cash dating a younger girl who needs such cash and in return pleases the older partner in anyway he wishes. Same goes the other way for a woman and boy. This is one example of the motives am referring to. Asides that, there's a very slim chance that people who practice or are involved in such relationships do so for love. 
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I think it a fare deal .  A parties has beauty and youth and another parties has money. As long as both side are happy it s fine.
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I am not really cool with the idea of sugar daddy relationship as it promotes relationship without love. Those in it are only there for what to gain, and this could be money, sex or lust. There is nothing like one being in a relationship where the feeling is mutual.
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I don't see any problem with it as long as the intentions is not bad.

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It is definitely fine! As long as both parties agreed to have that kind of relationship. It is also, like  " I don't care! "  to whatever they say. Be sure that your baby, would fall truly in-love with you soon or else you will file a bankruptcy later. Love is always blind, I believe that because my partner now is 2 years younger than me. In which, I do the money making and I am the one sending my 3 kids to school. How would you like that later?
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This basically depends on you. This isn't for everyone and it takes a certain type of person to have a sugar baby relationship. I don't see any right or wrong in this type of a relationship and I feel it is a personal choice each person should make for themselves. I personally don't go for online dating or having a relationship with a person I've encountered online. I'd rather just meet the person and take it from there to see what happens.
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I just cannot summarise whether its a good or a bad idea because people venture into such relationships for different reasons.One of those reasons and the main could be cash. People can from very different backgrounds and maybe they're poor to afford expensive clothes and shoes so the only way out is to sell their bodies.

Also it could be peer pressure, you meet with your friends and they all look stunning and they start sharing out the views how they had fun and how many gifts they've been brought. You also want to fit in the group so that next time you have a story to tell,the only solution remains,the sugar daddy thing.

All I can say is, every good thing that's not legit comes with consequences.
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The problem is always the consequence of such might not be right or totally wrong depending on the person perspective but it will up to the person to bore the problem or problems that comes with it.
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Having a sugar baby Is not a bad idea to me it only depends on the people involved 

Most times people think the age factor is a problem when it come to having a sugar baby but not at all,now the world is so advanced that age difference doesn't really matter in a relationship when the two people involved understand each other better. 

And before you can start a relationship like this one need to be sure it built on love. 

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