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These days many people live together before marriage, some decide never to get married at all but stay together for life. What is your view? Do you think couples should marry?
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It is not morally correct for couples to be cohabiting before tying the knot. It raises a lot of questionable issues. Like the virginity and purity of the couples. Marriage is holy matrimony that must be embarked on by two people that are pure. If they start living together before marriage it show there is breach in the commandment God gave about marriage.
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Me and my husband now live for four years before we get married, I was skiptical to marry still cause I want to get married when I am ready.

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I think that when people start dating, they should continue living their own dependent lives. They should be meeting for a date or an outing together then going back to their different places where they live. They should also keep in touch in terms of communication and learning more about each other.
When the relationship has grown and they know each other completely, they trust each other and are ready to take their relationship to another level, then they should consider moving in together. Living together will reveal other hidden characters that they had not learnt about each other and they appreciate themselves more. They also learn to share duties and responsibilities while living together. When they are sure that they are ready and happy to be together they should get married. I don't like it when couples live together only without getting married.
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I will continue to support anything that is morally right why would a woman move into a man house that he isn't the person husband,I think it is wrong.

Before the law such union is null and void and if the man decides to marry tomorrow the woman can't sue him or get any thing from him.

This union will be like an open relationship no,any of the partner can flirt or have an affair with another because there's no binding law to keep them from dating others.

The man is never obligated to cater for the woman because he believes the woman  isn't his direct responsibilty and as such the woman as no say in most things in the man's life.

No woman should live with a man before marriage, it isn't ideal.
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I think it is entirely your decision to get married or not and also your decision to live with whoever you want to live it. No one can tell you otherwise or how to live your life. However, I don't support the idea of couples living together before marriage. Some people would say that it is morally wrong but still date and do everything outside marriage. Doesn't make much sense to me.
In my opinion, I think living together before marriage takes out the spice, the thrill and excitement of life after marriage.There would be nothing left to unfold. There's also no legal binding with living together before marriage and if anything were to happen, it would be outside the law and formalities.
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I really don't think its a good idea because you'll be bored with each other very soon. Besides you'll find that you know the person more that enough and you wonder what you'll even be discussing during your courtship period.That not being enough, there are some kind weird men who would want you to stay with them so that you can keep them company but deep from their hearts they know that they'll never marry you. Still that not being enough, the man you're staying with might change his mind and decide not to marry you. In all these situations, we ladies are the ones who end up being losers.

The best thing is, stay distant place  from each other and if it's courtship, you'll be meeting once in a while. Then if its marriage, you will get married in the right ways accepted my the community and that's when you'll know each other well with time.
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Across the globe,  there is freedom of association, on this ground everyone has the right to live with any body he or she pleases basically as friends.
In my opinion when two people opposite sex live together without a formal declaration of their relationship, they are not couples but two friends living together.
To an extent our religion belief frown at it and morally it not acceptable. No good religions will permits sexual relationship before marriage.
In case the man and woman later had a misunderstanding that leads to their separation and they already have children how will such judgement of who is to be in custody of  the children when they aren't legally joined as man and wife should be a question every man and woman that wish to OR are already living together to answer.
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No. Not at all. Personally, I do not advocate the idea of living together before marriage. Why? There are lots and lots of reasons to it. In fact, I can write an article on that. But since this website is not an article writing site, I restrict myself to the bare minimum necessity, that is 120 words to reply your question.

In a world, where 'marriage' is not at all respected  and all moral principles that constitute a person's behavior are thrown to winds and divorce becoming rampant, do you thing living together will actually help? What if  if the guy, after living together for a few years, gave a child also to that poor girl and then breaks away?
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Well with respect there are quite a few men who do that when they are married.
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I think it is not a good idea. Some couples decide to live together because they think that it would strengthen their relationship for they will get to know each other better. However, this is not true for all. Even though couples are living together as long as the thought of forever has not kicked in, then it's still as if they are two teenagers who happen to have a place to stay and can move out anytime they want.

There is something psychological into the thought of living together forever that is bound by marriage. Things change, your views about your partner will change. And this cannot be practiced no matter no long the two couples live together. Plus, there would be no legal measures that could be applied, if something bad happens, if two people aren't married.

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Our society before would disapprove this kind of set-up as this is not according to the norms. However, these days, living together before deciding to marry your man is a very practical thing to do. We come from different families with diverse cultures and upbringing and it is only seen when both of you stay in one roof. Even married couples only realize these differences when they have been living for how many years together. Living together can give you enough time to know fully well your partner and will help you decide if you can compromise with your partner's behaviour and personality. You will thank yourself in case you discovered something you cannot take when you are already tied up with your partner for a lifetime

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